It's Chewin' at My Bones and My Brains

As I pasted the title, I just remembered that I haven't written in my diary some important stuffs. Maybe tomorrow. The title is a lyric from a song entitled Confusion by The Zutons. Another part of the lyric is being used in my MSN nickname. As usual, something bad always always happen to my week (sempre!) and last week was no different. All culminated in Friday. Thinking about it now, things like that could make me cry, but last Friday, I didn't, though I felt I was so doomed. One part of my horoscope prediction from Webshots today said: really shouldn't assume responsibility for someone else's mistakes. I agree (totally). However bad things do happen to me, so let's see what tomorrow will bring.

Today marks the end of something that currently I really treasure. Found out that there's a possibility that there will not be a new cycle. I hope it wouldn't come to that. It was something that I do for myself and thinking about it, I don't really do things for myself. Well shopping for oneself does not count and I don't shop that much either anyway. It was something that I do for my life that despite of it's not going to any concrete direction, I'm just happy that I do it.

Today is also my Chinese birthday. My parent didn't tell me in advance, especially my dad. I was kinda so surprised about that, maybe they forgot, but my mom did tell me this evening. I found out about it accidentally, but it was a lucky coincidence and I am thankful to God for letting me know. At least I didn't miss anything. As usual, having problem finding someone who sell hard-boiled egg. 1 egg, hard-boiled, that's all, tell me where I can buy it. So I ended up with a tea egg *yuck* I don't like tea egg and it's only because I had no choice that I settled with it. When I was buying it, there was this auntie who was talking to the seller. As the seller was taking change for me, the auntie in turn talked to me, telling me how good tea egg is, good for your health, bla bla bla. Thank you auntie, despite all the chat that I wasn't really looking forward to, I appreciate all the friendliness. It made the purchase of a tea egg more comforting.

I got back to my room and a present from Dagi was on my bed! I was so excited. God always does this to me, if things sucks, He makes sure His presence is felt. Dagi gave me 2 chocolates and a stuffed dog (a dog soft toy for you who start to think violent things) which is inside a dog mug. Very cute and I appreciate it very much. All the dogs theme kinda fit the Dog year. As I open the present, I was thinking how long we have been pen friends. It's definitely more than 5 years, I wonder if we have reached 10. I will ask her. All in all, this makes me think that it's okay Eka. If things turn bad, let's have dinner with good friends and bitch and let's go home. For now I will leave you with that lyric I put in my nickname.

It's funny how it tears me apart

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