whiteday - 24

So today was the day when I turned 24. The day started off really bad, feeling rather depressed the whole morning. Ask me why? I can't really tell, it's one of those days when I want to be gone. I still do but for now, it can wait perhaps after CSI The day is ending in a few hours so I should make this a quick one.

Finally had the chance to open the present that the girls gave me. Didn't have time to do it in the morning, so I did it just now. It was this very cute dolphin pendant. A small pendant, white gold. However it didn't come with the necklace, so I suppose I better buy one, when I'm not so broke My birthday cards from the girls, was the forever friends bunny with morning glory. I think I chose that one Well, Dewi straight away told us to choose the card that we want. I miss the girls, miss them so much. Their words in the cards were so comforting. I do wish I get all that they wished me, please God

The first birthday greeting was from my dear cousin, then the rest came along. Among the ones that came, there were one from Ayu (love her and wish her all the best) and Meylyana (I wonder how Rista is now). Then, Darren!!! Gosh, he remembered! I love him and I told him so and he teased me. At this sentence, the Mr surely wants to send me a message, too bad he wouldn't be able to reach me. The other Mr said he was gonna call today, but didn't. I suppose I am no longer needed *sigH*.

The day ended with a long-awaited dinner by the participants. We had our presents, talked, laughed. I love my present. I don't know why I got what I got. Is it because I mentioned the item in my blog once? Anyway, thank you. You all had made my day a good day. Seriously wasn't intending to celebrate and thank God it wasn't really a celebration (Seriously I didn't know that this Tuesday would be my birthday). The day made me think if I should make peace with someone. I feel with all my heart I should, but since I am a snob I don't think I can and I'm never sure that I am the type who forgive and forget. Not sure if I have forgiven, but not forgetting certainly. Anyway, so whiteday 2006 is ending soon as I lay my head and sleep, tomorrow if God is willing I will wake up and have a chance to be a stranger in a foreign place. No matter what, it's a blessing. I am thankful that I can still sound positive now. Thank you God.

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