1'st sickness of 2006

As the title implies, I got myself sick. Why and how? Well, I supposed I've done so many wrong and sinful things. Anyway, wasn't planning to blog on sickness. Was planning to blog on the dinner yesterday.

Yesterday, I had a good dinner with several people that I haven't seen for a long long time. Felis, OSH, Ata, Boom2, Trisna, and Vivy. What's the occasion? was the question I've received from Osh and Ata. Well, actually I just wanted to catch up with Felis and thank her for helping me settle some things. Then, I thought why not ask a few other people who we haven't seen (or to be more correct, I haven't seen) for a long time. So that's what we did. Dinner was good, seafood and it was interesting. Felis, Boom2, and Trisna ordered this fried mushrooms that I quite like, eventhough I don't like mushrooms. It's just the fried mushrooms were pretty juicy. Anyway, it was really nice meeting them. Everyone seem to be doing extremely well. Good for them.

Then...I got myself sick today, influenza. The good thing is that, I can stop shouting, eventhough only for a day. Got an enlightenment today from the doctor, who said I was an adult and so I was supposed to take 2 tablets of medicine, like panadol. When Vinny said similar things this morning, I dismissed him as just being too "drug-gy?" However, he was right. I supposed a body this size, I really do need more medicine. Claire was crying like mad earlier. Seriously, it felt like I got hit in my head over and over again hearing her screamed. She was throwing one of her worst tantrums. She was even jumping up and down, never see this one before. After a lock-down in the bedroom, she is calmer and quieter now. However the air does seem a bit tense. Oh baby, at times like this, I wished she hadn't be around. I need some peace. So bubye peeps. Stay healthy!

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