Kuo Pau Kun's Lao Jiu

If you ask me what the title means, I can not explain it myself. Well all that I know is, Kuo Pau Kun was a Singapore artist who I think perhaps was a writer and he wrote this drama or maybe story entitled Lao Jiu. I think Lao Jiu itself may have meaning, but I don't know what it means. So why I wrote it there then? Well yesterday, unplanned, I decided to follow a friend who asked me to watch a musical performance by Commonwealth Secondary about this story in the Esplanade Theatre. The ticket was free. It was written in the ticket that it's S$100. I wonder if it was printed correctly.

The musical was really good actually. The kids did a really good job. The band was a bit too loud at many occasions, that they drown the cast's voice. I wonder if I can call it a musical, because the cast didn't sing. The choir sang before and after the musical. I remember 2 of the songs they sang were pretty familiar, because I heard it in Moulin Rouge. The cast didn't do a dance routine also, but there were Malay, Chinese, and Indian dances. All were very well choreographed. Overall, the performance was great. The set was pretty simple but they had a very amazing tree. I wonder if the kids did the set. Sorry, I won't write a summary of what the story is all about, but I think some of the kids may be able to relate with the story. I don't feel that the ending was clear cut, it didn't really seem like it was solving the problem, maybe it was because of the original story itself.

Throughout watching it, I was thinking how fun it was to do a production that size with your friends. It will be one the memorable things in those kids' life. I can't say I had anything as memorable as that in my younger days. There's Rag, but as much as I tried to remember how it was, it gets pretty blurry. I guess, we just worked so much those days. My hall production experience didn't count because as much as it was interesting, I wasn't doing things that I wanted and didn't really feel much bonding.

Anyways, yesterday marked the 3 weeks in a row that I spent Tuesday night somewhere. Hence, I haven't been watching CSI properly. I miss Greg. Health wise, I think I am getting better. My bro lost his handphone again. What can I say? We have a great mom? Doneeh Shoutbox seems to be gone forever, so I suppose I should get me a new one. No time (basically I'm just lazy). I will try to deal with it as soon as possible. Arsenal won 2-0 against Juventus However, they can still screw up in the second leg. So let's pray that they will do well! By the way, it was pretty hard to choose them over my dear Trezeguet.

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