L'anno Nuovo

Felice Anno Nuovo tutti (Happy New Year all). Was feeling rather in the sad side actually yesterday, because I was alone here without anything to do. Really wished more than anything to be at home, because at least there would have been some company. But yesterday, apparently all my family members spent the new year without each other. Mom decided to stay over at her brother's house with her sister. So she's there. My dad was alone at home. I was alone in Singapore, and my bro was in Bandung. Well, at least my mom had her siblings and my dad had his brother just a few metres away. My cousin went home yesterday. I didn't really spend much time with her when she was here. She had her friends and they had really explored all the major malls in Singapore. I'm not really into shopping and I didn't really enjoy going out with her friends hence why I didn't really spend much time with her. Had a good talk though when I was with her, in all our meals. She coincidentally met "some people" when she was here and I wonder why me who have been living here for some time never ever bump into these people. Such divine intervention.

Yesterday, to get myself out of my room (being in my room just made me feel more pathetic), I actually went to the church. Been some time since I was last there. I'm glad that I made it, because it was one of the last few masses to be held in that hall. The church is undergoing renovation. I'm not into making new year resolution, because I waver pretty easily, but I actually made an earnest prayer to God. Let me confess first that I think I pretty much lost in my own world during the sermon. Seriously I just couldn't seem to concentrate. But in the little time I managed to concentrate, I prayed that God would give me courage, courage to make a decision and follow it through. I kinda finally decided that I would do something. I hope I won't waver. It is perhaps the most irresponsible thing I ever do and at this age of mine (gosh! I'm so old in 2007), being irresponsible is not something I should be doing. However, I just feel I need to release myself.

Last year, at the start of the year, I kinda thought that I would take it easy in 2006. To take breaks, when I want and need to. Alas, I didn't really do it. Only sickness put me down. See, I really can not do all this new year resolution thing. What happen was, in 2006, I became less patient. At times I think I appeared as fierce, tough, and cold hearted. Now that I think about it, it's kinda sad because I don't get a chance to show that I'm actually a nice person, a nicer person at least. Maybe I should console myself and say that though it is in the very littlest way, I am appreciated.

Asked Vivy out for an Indonesian lunch. We successfully found The Rice Table. I think it was purely by sheer luck. I don't think some of the food are really Indonesian. Is it a stereotype that Indonesians eat spicy food? In most of the dish, there were chili. Totally wrong and totally bad for digestion. Don't think we ate our money worth (it was all you can eat), but I think the place is not so bad. After lunch, we walked around. I bumped into the pretty Esther, who excitedly embraced me. Aahh...she's so nice. Me and Vivy then decided to have our dessert at Delifrance. All the walking got me hungry again. My chocolate fondant with ice cream was great. However, I can not deny feeling that it would get me diabetes. Afterwards we shopped for shoes. I got shoes! It's brown! Chose that one because it's much cheaper compared to the slightly nicer one. So I gave in to cheaper one. Then we went home and here I am writing. Holiday is ending. School is starting. Seriously feeling like when I was a student back home, feeling that holiday is ending. Though there were times we felt bored during holiday but we didn't want it to end. It has to, of course. Nothing we can do about it and I'm pretty much gonna die on Wednesday *sigH*

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