of Lunches and a Boring Movie

Hello peeps. How's your weekend?

My yesterday morning was not bad. Didn't initially have any plan for the rest of yesterday but NanSee (not the actual spelling) asked me out for lunch. I agreed and I had to pick that girl in Orchard MRT! Her reasoning was that she didn't know Orchard well enough and hence she needed to be picked up. Okay, perhaps she has a point. Lunch was at the Vil'age. I had a voucher to spent. Then I accompanied her to shop a few things. I am maybe selfish, because I kept on thinking that I was tired and sleepy and hence I wasn't really into going from shop to shop. So I think I was not much fun to be brought shopping around. When is I'm ever fun for that, anyway? Hopefully she meant what she said that spending time with me is all that count Being the very greedy me, I just had to have a creme brulee with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. That dessert from Delifrance costed me S$8+. Very heartbreaking and not worth it. Well, the creme brulee was great, but ah too much unnecessary spending.

Today, I met up with Vivy. It's unlike me to go out on a Sunday, because I always think of it as my hibernation day. So I didn't really hibernate today, though I was able to wake up really late. Anyway, went out with Vivy because Mimi (not the actual spelling) showed me a book voucher from Borders which you can print out off the Net. 40% off for a book. That's something worth checking out, so me and Vivy went there to see if we can buy anything. I bought Paulo Coelho's Like The Flowing River. If you read this blog and remember what you read, I actually had bought it last month. I'm buying it again for a present for someone. I don't know yet who that someone will be, but it's good to prepare, right? We had lunch at Tambuah Mas, an Indonesian restaurant in Paragon and it was great! Love it, love it, love it. At first, I thought the pricing was a bit high, but the serving was not a disappointment. We ordered 3 dishes and we were really full. We chose tempe goreng (simple and comfort food), ayam goreng (a bit too dry but it passed) and tahu telor. I don't think I've ever seen tahu telor in Indonesia. I don't know if it is really an Indonesian food. Seriously where is it from? Java? Jakarta? Bandung? But I kinda fall for it now. Still hesitant about the sauce but the tahu telor that we had was great and the serving was worth it.

Afterwards, we went to Vivo city to watch Fast Food Nation. See what an effort we made for the movie. Unfortunately it was a very boring movie. The unexpected famous people appearance was the only excitement for me. If the movie tried to raise some kind of awareness, I don't think they were able to do that well. I'm not really sure what they're trying to say. It's not really a window to the world of fast food. I think the illegal immigrant workers story took over the whole fast food side. The climax of the movie was horrifying for me. I had to close my eyes and I only do this on horror movie which I don't really watch. The climax showed how they slaughtered, skinned, and chopped the cow. Since I love my meat so much, I really had to close my eyes. If I don't eat meat, I will die of hunger. Feel a bit guilty to Vivy whom I psyched into watching this movie. I told her that it's like Thank you for Smoking but it's about fast food. Ah...it's so not! I will throw this one into the same disappointment basket as Borat. Sorry, I know many of you like Borat to the T.

Was psyching Vivy to watch Babel too, telling her that it's like Crash (Best Movie for Oscar 2006). Hopefully I am not dead wrong again. I guess Babel will not be much of a disappointment, since it won the best movie category for Golden globe 2007. Alrighty, so that's next on my list and perhaps Bobby (for historical reason) and the Dreamgirls. I love movies, love it! But I realize now that watching a boring one can be such a disappointment. I think it's because of the amount of money we spent and I've been spending way too much these days to satisfy my urges. Okay at least I've experienced cinema europa in Vivo city. The GV max is the next one I want to experience. Take care peeps. My life has been as uninteresting as this post. So much thoughts and things to say but I don't feel like writing it. Too tired.

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