The Departed

*yay!* Went to watch The Departed with Vivy today and I love it. Tell me people, does Eng Wah Cinema in Singapore always start on time according to the time stated? We were around 10 mins late. I think in other cinema the movie wouldn't have started but we missed a few bits. The movie is awesome. I love it, but of course I've never watched Infernal Affairs, of which The Departed was based, so perhaps my comment would be somewhat invalid. Anyways, why was I so eager to watch The Departed? Because there was Leonardo DiCaprio and it was directed by Martin Scorsese. The last movies by Scorsese that I watched were Gangs of New York (was on tv recently) and The Aviator. Both had Leonardo in it and both didn't really amaze me that much. However, the movie from Scorsese that really won me over was Kundun which I would totally recommend to everyone. I myself would really like to watch it again, since I didn't watch it properly last time. I think I missed some parts of it and I didn't manage to watch it 'til the end, but the movie is really really good. It's about the childhood of Dalai Lama and how he was chosen as Dalai Lama. Totally awesome.

Anyways, The Departed. I love it. Couldn't praise on originality because it's obviously not. However I found the lines, though filled they were with FUCK, they were very witty. Love it and had a good laugh with them. On why I love the movie? I guess because it is just so cool. The ending was pretty dramatic, though, perhaps a bit too much. Feel sad when Martin Sheen's character died but I supposed it was necessary. Was sad when Leonardo died the way he was, but I suppose it was also somewhat necessary. Was happy when Matt Damon's character died, because I just couldn't accept that evil would triumph. Oh should I not have written all these facts? Go and watch it peeps, it's still worth it, though you know what's going to happen

Let me now dice the characters. Let's start with Martin Sheen. Off the bat, he came off as a very fatherly figure. It's pretty comical, how calm and easy he looked when Mark Wahlberg's character tried to break Leonardo's character when they first met (it was the first scene that I watched). It was really sad the way Martin Sheen's character died. Mark Wahlberg's lines have the word 'fuck' with every single breathe. He was pretty okay. Jack Nicholson as the gangster boss was evil and manic. He just really got it as the bad guy. Leonardo was okay, what I mean by okay is he's good, just in case you think he only sells his look (that doesn't mean I don't like the way he looks though, Leo is always handsome). Leonardo can really act and he, as in his previous movies so far, really showed seriousness in what he does. Matt Damon was surprising for me. I guess so far I've always seen him in nice and demure characters but in this one he came off as sneaky and cunning and it was good because it's so different with what I normally see him in. I can not point out who stood out the most but I think Damon came close. Love the movie, really love it! Oshie did tell me to watch Infernal Affairs first before I watched this one, sadly to say I didn't and don't really intend to but I still want to recommend this movie to all of you. It's cool, really!

Today, I've got my tickets home. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be, but I suppose it wasn't peak time. It was an effort getting it because I actually got lost. I'm really bad in direction and I seriously wonder if I can find my way in a foreign place. Finally confessed that I'm pretty plain to the people I've been spending my Saturdays with. I think they figured that much however I suppose the confirmation still took them by surprise. You know, I'm sure you've had that feeling before when you expect something to happen and when it finally happen, you still feel shock and weird about it. Anyways, there are more people now who want to do things on me so that I would be more interesting. People have tried and not many were successful in doing so. I do wonder if it's necessary. The thing is it's very important for me to like me because apparently counting on people to like you is not always successful. Hence baby, make sure you like yourself and you can always count on yourself. This week I've learnt again that people could say that they would always be there for you or they would shield you from stupid and bad things but when the time come, well it didn't happen. I should really really really remember to trust noone. However this morning, I also learnt that God would take care of you. He would give you someone when you need someone (though you may not realize it yet), I suppose I should just take it as it comes.

Dinner with Vivy was good. Had blended avocado and it was very very very good. Talked to Vivy about the usual stuff that we've been talking about each time we meet. Damn, I think it may start to come as painful for her as it's already is for the Mr. Alrighty, I guess that's all for now peeps. It's getting really late now. Take care okay. Oh yeah, I just remember. Had a grinning good time with Ms. Kiera this week about our infatuation to Wentworth Miller. He's one darn fine boy

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