Il Fumo

I'm feeling that my room is too hot right now. I guess everyone is suffocating with the air these days. Of all my years in Singapore, this is my first time noticing the haze from Indonesia. I'm quite speechless really. There's actually nothing interesting to tell, however let me just give you bits and pieces of my boring life this week.

Didn't get to buy my tickets home today. Didn't feel like it for very strange reason. I just have a funny feeling about it. My mom said I still had much time. I think I would get it next week.

Watched the Pride and Prejudice series, produced by BBC, courtesy of the flyingNun this week. Colin Firth played Mr. Darcy. I do love Mr. Darcy, however Mr. Darcy was Mr. Darcy, unbelievably arrogant and had too much pride. It took me quite a while to take a liking on him, but in the end I did really like him. Why? Because Mr. Darcy is such a gentleman. Mr. Darcy would protect the girl he loves and make sure that nothing bad would happen to her. He's reliable and aaahh, how I would love a Mr. Darcy for me

The air can really influence your mood. Feeling rather in the stressful and fearful side now. Getting tired of answering "I don't know (yet)". I don't have much time left and I just feel that things are not going to work out. Surprisingly met my high school friend, Herry, in Orchard road today. I was really surprised to learn that the closing of the link way from the mrt station to Wisma Atria has taken effect. It was of the utmost inconvenient. Anyway, talked to Herry for quite a while. Apparently he's gonna be here for quite some time more. I guess some people just like it being here.

Was thinking of writing something else, but decided not to. Kinda too heavy for my hazy head right now and I think it's not really worth saying much. Had a really small talk with Mr. Italian job this week and it's really funny how he's taking a totally different view of a certain matter compared to the Mr. I wonder when I talk to the both Mr, is it what it feels like to have older brothers. I know both of them mean well for me, but they are just so different and it's really funny to think about it. I guess in summary, one wanna me to have fun and take the plunge while the other wanna me to be more on the safer side. Either way, both wanna me to be happier. I miss the Mr, it does get pretty lonely and empty when I can't just send him a message. However as usual, people wouldn't always be there for you. Take care peeps!

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