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Happy Lebaran everyone I did this last year but I'm just gonna whine again about how I wish I can be at home and eat my mom's ketupat, not that the ketupat is amazing because ketupat tastes the same everywhere, but it's just her soupy side dish is the best one in the whole wide world. Since noone at home, I suppose my mom is not making any this year. She just told me that they're going to her brother's house, I suppose for some barbecue. I miss home but I can not deny the thought of being at home fully do freak me out, feeling claustrophobic, I suppose.

As you can see in my first paragraph that I have nothing interesting to say, so I'm gonna blog about some things from my thoughts list. Let's start with the topic of Good Karma. The last time I explained what I think about it, I was told that I sounded like a Sunday school teacher *sigH*. Actually, I kinda remembered having a conversation about this with Vivy during a dinner in NUH. You reap what you sow. A lot of time you think like that I suppose and I do believe in bad karma fully but is there such thing as good karma? You do good things and good things happen to you? Well, perhaps. I got to thinking about this after hearing it quite often some time ago. I may perhaps start the whole good karma concept thingy but after thinking about it, the whole concept of good karma just feel a bit wrong to me. The thing is you should do good things because you WANT to do good things. I couldn't believe I forget this concept when as Indonesian, we were pretty much brainwashed with such concept in our civic and moral education lesson (menolong dengan ikhlas dan tanpa pamrih). When you do good things in hope that good things would happen to you, then you are not really sincere about it, are you? You kinda wish something in return. It shouldn't be like that. If you do get something in return, then it is a blessing from God. Hence why you can't expect or perhaps demand for good things to happen just because you have been a good boy or girl. So why do you do good things in the first place if you're not getting anything in return? Because that what Jesus would do Okay, I'm gonna avoid the Christianity side. I suppose when it comes to someone you like or love then you just want to make things better for them. If it comes to a stranger it's because it's a Godly thing to do (yeah, seriously, no kidding) or because when it happens to you, you kinda wish that someone would help you with it, so when you see such situation you just want to help. So is there such thing as a good karma? Perhaps but to chase it, well it's wrong because kindness have sincerity in it and when you are secretly hoping for something in return then it's not sincere anymore. So I guess in conclusion, do good things but don't use it as reasoning to God (when you pray) to get the things that you want or use it to justify that you deserve good things. What God gives us is blessing and it is by God's grace alone, not because of our good merit. Do good things because you want to do so, because your heart tells you to do so. You are a better human being if you often hear your heart telling you to do good things.

I am sleepy and it's raining slightly. A good time to sleep. Adieu for now peeps. Maybe I will have more chance to write more things from my scribble of thoughts and my post will be a bit more meaningful

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