The Adventure of the Three Girls at Sentosa

It started with sms and msn discussion late Thursday afternoon. I was pretty frustrated with all the stupid plans to go here and there with other people which at that point in time seemed wasn't happening, that I just popped the question to Ms. J if she wanted to go to Sentosa on Saturday (we've been talking about going to Sentosa in the near future). The same question was popped to the flyingNun, in which she replied "Would it be fun? I can not swim". I was stunned and had a good laugh with her reply. They all surprisingly said yes. We briefly discussed how we would go about it on Friday and off we went excitedly yesterday.

The girls wanted to try the cable car, so we went to the ticket counter at Harbor Front. Saw some tour packages there and we chose the one with the cable car, Underwater World and Cinemania in it. The cable car ride was interesting. When we went off, I have to admit that there was a slight nervousness in me as we were on the air and slightly swaying We arrived safely, obviously, because if not you would hear the news of the 3 girls plunging to the sea Our first stop was to go to the Underwater World and my dear God, my camera seemed to have problem, that the pictures that I took were pretty bad Damn it! Another thing that I must get fixed *sigH* such a misfortune Anyways, some pictures were still salvageable and with the help of Photoshop, I can bring you this:

You can see crabs, the dragon fish that looks like a sea plant, the nemo fish (actual name is clown fish), some coral and some fish. The scary fish was chosen because it was kinda scary and sad to me (I hope you know which one I'm talking about) and it was behind a sand wave (or something like that) hovering over some sharks. The jellyfish are the best pictures I had from the trip. I think I enjoyed this Underwater trip more than the last time I was there. After we were done, we decided to take a little break at Delifrance because we were rather hungry. So we had some dessert.

Then off we went to the 4D ride which I was really excited about. It was interesting though I felt the seat movement didn't really match what was happening on the story. We felt a jerk down when a character was hit by a door, so it was rather weird for me. The rest of the effect was pretty cool, the wind, the bats and the bees and the water, they were pretty interesting. After it we rushed to go to the Dolphin Lagoon but we were totally late and it's all because of the waiting for the buses. I feel pretty bad that we missed, it's a sign that we should go again girls! me and hopefully my good camera. Anyways, so we missed and in the end walked a bit on the sand. A bit because we wanted to get to Cinemania and to the musical fountain on time. The cinemania rides were dizzying for me. I was feeling a bit dizzy after the first one and the second ride of the roller coaster, man! I just wanted it to stop quickly. Ms. J was enjoying it thoroughly though After that, we made our way to the musical fountain. We were actually very early for it and again we missed. The gates were already closed because the seats were already full. This is despite of the fact that we were more than half an hour early for the show. So in the end, we decided to wait for the 08:40 pm show. We went for dinner and then queued in front of the gate. When the gate was open, Ms. J was pretty fast and off she dashed to get us seats in the middle The musical fountain is cool, very cool. Not long enough perhaps. It is seriously a must see when you go to Sentosa. The fact that it is free, I think anyone who are a bit bored and free can just go to Sentosa and watch it. It's a really good thing here in Singapore that you can reach places like Sentosa in less than half an hour. I really had fun with the girls yesterday and I am so looking forward for such trips again and I do hope we get to be spontaneous and do such thing again

Reached home quite late last night and was really tired. However I still made my way to Orchard today. It was surprising really, because Sunday is the day when I hibernate like a polar bear for the week ahead. However, Esther, my primary and junior high school friend is in town and she has been very friendly to look for me. So as my mother instructed, I met up with her. She's looking really pretty. I wonder if I wear skirts and make up and all, will I be like 5 times prettier? I wonder if I feel the same, to me and to the rest who know me for how I am and how I look like. They say appearance doesn't change what you are inside, but I just wonder if it changes you subconsciously. Anyways, so we had lunch, walked in and out of shops (seriously, I think I'm really boring when I do this kinda thing, I hope she didn't get too tortured and bored with my "enthusiasm"), and we had gelato (I realize now not all sweet things entice me), and that's pretty much it. I went back to scrub my toilet. Esther is really nice. We weren't actually close back then in school but she was nice and it was really good meeting her today. I get to do something different on a Sunday. So that's my weekend peeps. Pretty glad that my Saturday was pretty happening yesterday. I hope it will continue to be interesting in the weeks to come

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