The Help

I'm down with flu right now. I'm pretty much sick and don't have much energy and concentration, so I don't know how detailed I can write about movie of the week which I really like. Movie of the week is The Help. Maybe because I was sick when I watched it, my emotional state was rather affected that I actually shed many tears while watching this movie. The Help tells the story of african-american maids during the time when segregation was still the law in America. I seriously feel that anyone fighting for equality and acceptance should see the history of african american in America to keep the fighting spirit alive. It took a long way and the discrimination and perception was really hurtful but right now they have a black president. Discrimination sucks. I know because I'm an Indonesian Chinese. You may not like certain things about someone but to treat someone badly and make them feel inferior than you, that's just something that I despise.

I'm digressing. The Help was really good. I think Viola Davis who played one of the maids should get an oscar nomination. It's heartwarming and touching. I like how it really focused on the maids. Even Emma Stone's character who's one of the lead didn't really hog the limelight much. I thought the guy he was seeing was handsome and it was really disappointing that that guy was disapproving of her book and they broke up. The white characters were just as interesting to watch as the black ones. Among the white one, I have to choose the character Celia Foote. She's crazy fun and it's fun to see her managed to make the character Minny Jackson to be rather speechless a bit :P Those two were hilarious. This movie was definitely carried by the actresses and they were really awesome. Each one of them from the mean one, the old lady, to the little baby girl really made the most of their scenes. This movie also had some witty lines. One line that really registered in me was, Love and hate are two horns on the same goat, Eugenia. And you need a goat. It's funny. Do watch it peeps. The critics has kinda called this the little movie that could, meaning that it actually stand a chance to win best movie in Oscar next year. Well we have to see the other contenders before we make our pick.

So that's about the movie today. I had a hard time waking up today. I was feeling really tired. It turned out it's just me feeling sick. As usual, I didn't really feel like thinking or talking much in class but Mr. C still had to call me up. A depressing thing happened. It turned out he's not gonna be our teacher for the next term, starting next week :( Everyone was feeling sad about it. Me too. All this time I have had teachers whom I wished could teach me for more lessons and it's always kinda sad when a teacher we liked gets changed. Like being the operative word there. On the case of Mr. C, I just felt that I finally get used to him and yeah kinda like him since he is very hardworking and does strive to make us really really better. If it had happened on my first few classes with him, I would have breathed a sigh or relief but now after finally accepting him and now that he gets my quirkiness and my flaw, it's really disappointing, no? As much as I don't enjoy getting told that my sentences are still not compact enough, that I'm repeating too many things, and my style of writing is still not so sophisticated, I do want the chance to try again and again and to finally shut him up :P It sounds like I'm dying of acknowledgement, ya? Maybe I just like being tortured. I do liken this sentiment to like having stockholm syndrome :P

On other news. Well, maybe there's 1-2 things to say but my nose is killing me. So I'm just gonna stop now. Take care peeps. Stay healthy!

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