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Hello peeps. Well, I guess you can see it. I change the blog's design. It's been awhile coming. Been planning to do it since I started meddling with HTML5 and CSS transition. However I've been lazy (what else is new?). Finally I do it today because after 2 days of confining myself to my room*, I decided that I really have to do something useful and here you go. It's developed with HTML5 and CSS transition things in mind, though I don't really use much of them or do it in a way that matters. The irony is, my vaio is running in windows XP so my IE is unable to show the page nicely because IE9 cannot be installed in windows XP. I really need a new computer but I still love my loyal vaio very much (loyalty is darn important for me). Anyways, I still have Google Chrome to see it in the display I am aiming for. The thing is, you gotta hand it to IE, it's able to render to font nicer than chrome. The texts are too sharp in chrome while it's nice and smooth in IE. I'm OCD this way.

I remove the comment box because I just feel so lazy maintaining it with all its spam. If you have anything to say, you can email me, write on my facebook wall, or just sms me *thank you!!!*. I add a flickr section, it will randomly select a picture from my collection and display it there. It's kinda nice :) and another treat I have is I added a javascript code which will randomly choose a banner picture. There are 3 different pictures. All are pictures of flowers taken from my Keukenhof's visit. However the design is made with the blue flowers in mind, so perhaps the rest of the flowers don't match nicely into the color scheme. Whatever. I'm still pretty pleased with the design and I hope you too. So that's it for this public holiday today. I do get bored yesterday but I still don't want tomorrow to come. Life is rather good when I can watch Charlie and Lola.

*I was still not feeling well eventhough I had taken a whole box of medicine during the weekend. In desperation I even mixed some flu medicine together and I think I took more medicine than the dosage allowed. On Monday I just couldn't take it anymore and off I went to see the doctor. Surprisingly she gave me the letter to rest on Monday and Tuesday. She never gave me 2-day off, so I was really really stumped that she gave me 2-day off without me asking. Anyway in between not having money and I feel like I have to not betray the doctor's trust that I will rest, I really just stayed in my room. I slept a lot and I felt really bored. At least I achieve something today :P

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