Minuit à Paris

Movie of this week was Midnight in Paris. Am I a fan of Woody Allen? Well I haven't watched enough of his movies to call myself a fan. The reason why I wanted to watch this movie was because it seemed interesting and I've seen the posters all over when I was in Cannes this year. Basically I'm just drawn. Back to if I am a fan of Woody Allen. Well his movies often have some elements that I don't really like. Most of the time because the characters in his movie were often so flawed. However, as I was watching the movie progressed, I found myself liking one aspect of Woody Allen. He wrote and direct the movie himself and it seemed he just didn't care if the movie will make sense, if it will be silly, if it's meaningful, if it's gonna appeal to anyone. I feel he's just doing what his head churned out and film it the way he wants it to be. It's very admirable of him.

I like Midnight in Paris. I like Owen Wilson, so it's a good start for me :P Does the movie make sense? Well scientifically obviously not. Does it have any message or does it enlighten me in any way? Not really, except it did get me thinking a bit on which period of the world history, I would like to live in. I'm still undecided on that. The movie felt fun for me and it made me feel I want to experience it as well :P Something about this movie though, I think you'll enjoy it more if you know the historical figures. Other thing that I can talk about the movie? Well as I said, I like Owen Wilson. His nose seemed to be more crooked. He's still ever so likable. I thought Carla Bruni is quite pretty in this movie, which is weird, because I don't normally find her so. The rest of the actors were really interesting too. It was a good ensemble. For the ending, I wonder if the girl is from the future. It would fit the theme. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised that I understood the french dialogues. So all the french lessons did have their effects :)

The thing that ruined my movie experience was the fact that a mom brought her 2 young kids into the movie and for obvious reasons, the kids were really really noisy. The mother didn't even try to quiet the kids. I felt like I wanted to throw things at her. Seriously? Why would you do that? Bring your kids to a movie which definitely gonna bore them and then have them ruin the movie for everyone. Selfish much? I was also rather disappointed with the Cineleisure staff who allowed them in. However YeeMaggio did remind me that by right they could go in because the movie was just rated PG. I just wanted a nice time enjoying the movie which was rather good and yet I got utterly annoyed during it.

I have to be honest, I'm not really in a forgiving mood. Yesterday wasn't a good day. The suckiness of SMRT made me feel pissed even more. As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I thought of what it was that made me feel pissed the most. The answer is how people could be so self-centered. It's the same old story of me listening to people telling me their issue and the moment I sent out 1 line to tell them something about me, they didn't respond. I actually asked out loud, why does this always happen to me? I cannot deal with this. What kind of people are these people? Seriously? Can you just not step aside for 1 minute and think of other people than yourself? Do you think I am always interested and free to be listening to your woes? No I didn't but I tried my best to respond, especially to distress call! I was pissed as I was going to sleep and I was actually still feeling rather moody when I woke up. Was feeling so tired as well that I had to drag myself up and get ready for class. For some reason, I actually made it on time to class. Class was alright I guess. Maybe not for Mr. C because he's rather sick (poor thing). I think the only comment I can make after each of his class is, I survive it. I think I'm getting used to him but his class still makes me nervous.

This week still has its good points. Did a blackberry app this week. It works. So I've done an android app and a blackberry one. It kinda feels good to be able to do all that. There are other kinda good things but as usual, I'm not gonna write about it. Maybe I'll share some of the things that people said about me this week that kinda threw me off balance a bit (not exact quote):
"you're outspoken" --> somehow this kinda thing can still bother me even though I'm most probably that way. Probably? Denial, Eka? I even said if you have an opinion, you should say it. If not, what's your brain for?
"maybe you just like to be in control, but right now you're not" --> yeah, I'm power hungry, as usual.
"you look happier" --> this is very disturbing :P

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