Watched Contagion today. I thought it was good. I have to say that the draw of this movie for me was the cast however I do think overall the storyline was pretty good. I wonder how close it is to actual life. I wonder if such event should ever happen, there will be an actual draw to determine who's gonna get the vaccine first. I actually thought that that kind of system was rather inefficient and perhaps unjust. Another part which I felt was rather cut short was the resolution of the story for Marion Cotillard's character upon knowing that the Chinese village was given placebos. I thought her storyline was rather interesting. I thought she had Stockholm syndrome. I know some people would think I'm heartless for saying that :P I thought the cast were great but most particularly I like Kate Winslet's character. It's really sad to see her die. It's quite an enlightening movie to see how the world react to an epidemic though the focus of this is only the USA. I don't know how the HongKongers feel with them being portrayed as the source of the virus, like as always. Looking at the map that they were showing to illustrate the spread, I thought it's kinda nice to be living in islands. You're kinda contained to yourself. If you block all flights in and out, you kinda can be fine. The map didn't show much spread in Indonesia though I do have to admit that it's perhaps rather unscientific. The cosmopolitan Jakarta will surely get infected pretty fast, with many of its population travelling to Singapore. Anyways, as I said, it's quite an interesting movie. I'm thinking what will be the next movie I should watch.

On other news, if I have to rate this week, it's actually been quite a good week. Though it is not exact, but it kinda marks a year of me truly leaving a life which has taken quite a big part of my life, 6 years or so, and settling in to a new one. This week should indicate that life is better for me now. I am grateful for it especially if I look at what I left behind but I haven't stopped feeling restless. I still feel that often, so I guess I'm not in a place where I want to be. Either that or I'm just such an ungrateful child.

Other musing right now as I look at this week is also about someone who sticks to a path he's been planning since last year and finally making the jump. If I think about it, I actually get sad so I'm not gonna elaborate it here until I really have to. Another thing was, someone told me about something rather bad happening to her family. She was really really calm about it. In fact it came out rather out of the blue. It wasn't the first thing she told me when we met. Perhaps on one side, she wants to keep this personal thing private but I think it's more of the other side that she doesn't want to make many people worried. I thought she's really strong about it but I guess one needs to be strong for people who are currently vulnerable and need all the support they can get. For all these people, I hope only good things will come to them and that things will be better and better. As for me, I guess my life has been rather okay, so I should just be thankful for the fact that in the eyes of many people, my life is awesome. Allora, buonanotte tutti! Spero che la tua settimana sarà meravigliosa :)

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