Sunday Recap on the 10th 911 Day

Hello peeps. How are you guys doing? I'm feeling rather lazy. Well it's Sunday, I should be relaxing and stuff but I have stuff to do and I really don't want to do it but I think I really should :( So maybe I'll do my recap as fast as I can. By the way, I feel the weather is rather cold now. I think it's a good thing I feel that way. I was down with flu this week and to not feel cold is I think a good thing. I'm not totally well yet but I think I'm okay. I'm still not looking forward for this coming week though.

This week has had certain things. Hmm, I'm not really interested to talk about some of it. I think this week I realize that certain things or feeling that you thought will never pass will eventually pass. As cliché as this may sound, time does really heal. Well perhaps it doesn't really heal because certain things can't just be forgotten, however you just simply kinda don't feel the same thing or with the same intensity anymore as time goes. So even as you don't feel so well now and you don't know how you'll be able to feel okay anymore, one day you will feel okay. You just gotta get yourself to that day. On the contrary of that, this week I also realize that there may be certain things that you want to last for a long time but again you can't help that these things will just slip and slide and it will be gone no matter how hard you hold on to it. It is rather sad however I think that's just the way time works. It takes from you the good and the bad.

On other things this week. I did watch a movie, The Smurfs and my God, it was horrible. I can't even begin to describe how bad it was. It was really for kids, maybe below 10. I don't know even know if this movie can capture the attention of a 10-year old long enough for them to last the whole movie. I like Neil Patrick Harris in this movie though and Jayma Mays, my goodness isn't she just the cutest sweetest thing :P Storyline, it's so weak. They had this one part of Sofia Vergara's and Tim Gunn's characters plotting with the evil Gargamel and it became pointless because it wasn't addressed even more. It's like a waste of time. I also think that sometimes the live actors wasn't believable when they're acting with the smurfs. It's kinda sad because the world of smurf is something that I am sure many people want to escape to. Perhaps they should focus on that rather than bringing them into the real world. I do have to say that it was rather smart of them to address the smurfs as a myth with the wikipedia reference, etc. Still, I think there are better movies out there to watch.

Other thing that I managed to do this week was to check out the lantern festival in Chinese Garden. It's been absent for some years so it's kinda nice to see it back but it wasn't so good. The only one I'd been had a Sanrio theme. I'm not one who's into Hello Kitty and stuff and yet I do feel they made a more interesting and cuter festival than this year's. To see pictures, you can go here.

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