Good Movies This Week

I'm very tired now that it's really hard to push my brain to churn out sentences. So let's try if I can make this brief and avoid repeated sentences. There were 2 good movies this week and so let's start with that.

On Tuesday, I met YeeMaggio to catch up and talk about her newly acquired freedom. I think good things really come to people who work hard for it and she's one example of that. We went to watch Morning Glory which also highlight that idea, that when you work hard, something good will definitely come out of it. I love Morning Glory very much. I came in not expecting it to be amazing but I thought it was really good, funny, and entertaining. I kinda could relate with some of the things that happened to Rachel McAdams' character. I thought the cast was great. It helps that there's a handsome nice guy in there too :) Love it, love it, love it.

After class today, I had lunch with YeeMaggio, NanSee, and JM (my brain is too tired to create a name for her in this blog). We didn't spend much time together after lunch because me and NanSee decided to watch Mary and Max. I thought it's really really good. It's an animated film for adults based on a true story. The movie is about a young australian girl who randomly picked a name from a phone book and started writing letters to that person, who happened to be a 40 year old something guy living in New York. I felt that the way the story moved kinda mimicked the growth of the characters. When the girl was young, it was funny. As she grew older the story became deeper and more serious. The ending was pretty sad that I shed 1-2 tears. It was funny, touching, and enlightening, it's really really good.

I don't really feel like writing more. I'm so tired. This week has had its difficulties that if I have to list them all, I'll just get sad. With some things that kinda get resolved, more difficult and problematic things come my way. Damn, why can't things just be easy? In the class today, Mr. M asked us to talk about stress and such. I had U as my partner and she was stunned to know that I get stressed a lot, get depressed, get sad, and get withdrawn from the world and be unfriendly when I get stressed out. For the record, that conversation didn't take place entirely in french :P Anyway, U was surprised to find out this about me because she said I always look happy. Err ... Also this week, SC was telling me that I didn't seem to be the kind who get depressed. He thought I was the happy-go-lucky kind. I don't know how to respond to this. I'm still pretty twisted and restless. Obviously there are people and places who make me feel more relaxed and happy. Sadly those places or people are not in my everyday existence, so I guess I just try to get by. I don't really know if you get what I mean. I guess why I wrote this is because I'm just so stunned with how people perceive me. On one side, sometime I feel that they just don't know who I really am, what I am like. On the other side, I wonder if I am all that, that they think of me, it's just I just don't realize it yet. I don't really don't know.

There are perhaps may other things that I can write about. Feeling, sentiment, frustration, worry ... but I feel that by not talking about it or writing it out, I can kinda contain it and not let it go because when they go out, it's like a flame which get bigger and bigger and I'll end up being emotional and right now there are just too many things that I need to solve, that emotion is crippling. I don't know if I am making any sense. Take care peeps!

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