Black Swan

Went to watch Black Swan today. I didn't like it much. I think it's because I just don't like the pyschotic theme around it. I don't like the dark element around it and the dark elements literally on the cinematography. Natalie Portman did do really well as a frail paranoid dancer but I don't think she blew me away with her performance. I guess I'm really not excited about this film at all. As I was watching the movie, especially towards the end when Natalie Portman's character got more paranoid, I was thinking if I'm gonna get a nightmare tonight because of the kinda scary (for me) scenes that I really should watch some lighthearted things before I go to sleep tonight. Anyway, if I want to compare it with The King's Speech, I guess I like The King's Speech so much more. I was looking at the list of movies which are nominated for Oscar this year. Obviously I haven't watched all of them, but I'm thinking if I should give my vote to Inception since I was totally blown away when I watched it and I like it a lot. For now, I'm kinda very interested with True Grit. Let's see if we can schedule that and 127 Hours in.

On life. I was thinking that I wanted to say there's nothing interesting happening in my life but the truth is there are a few things that I could share and in fact I would really want to share. Unfortunately I cannot write them here and as much as I want to share them, I kinda don't have people whom I can talk to about, well at least people who would just give their time and attention and to hear me completely. I guess it's pretty interesting whom I put my trust into. Like there are people whom other people would never have suspected who knows a great deal about things that I keep quiet. It's rather weird how I choose the people whom I tell my deep thoughts to. Even I get surprised at the randomness of it, especially when I realize one of the people who know quite a whole lot is a boy who's 7 years younger than me. How I became so trusting of this boy, I don't know. I guess when you can talk really well with someone, the conversation just flows. It's too bad this jabber boy is not gonna be around this week. Something happened yesterday and on that instant I was thinking that I wanted to tell him about it. As a substitute I told NanSee about it when she called me last evening. However I don't think she really got it because I couldn't give her a reenactment. Anyway yesterday in the class, I said something along the line that my heart is okay. It happened when we wanted to know how to say, my heart is broken. U thought I was heartbroken and so I said, no my heart is in an okay mode. It is really true and I want to keep it that way. I want a calm and peaceful heart. So whatever butterflies which are trying to flutter, they gotta be crushed. I'm borrowing that line from Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. Yes, I have to embarrassingly admit I watch Gossip Girl :( Hmmm, since I cannot elaborate much, I guess I stop now. Have a good week ahead, peeps!

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