Of Life - 11.12.10

I am so tired right now that I feel like I should just go to sleep. There's also this uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I can't describe how it feels like but I just don't feel so good. Still, let me tell you how my week is, as if any of it is interesting.

Movie of this week was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I watched it in 3D. I don't know what's wrong with it, it was so bad that my eyes couldn't focus and it was pretty painful to stay in the cinema for that long watching something that felt like it came from some pirated dvd :( For the first time, I actually felt dizzy watching a 3D movie. I have heard some people complaining that they got dizzy watching a 3D movie. Finally I got what they meant. I thought it was just me but la Gioia who was watching it with me felt the same way :( I think it totally ruined the movie for us. I actually think the movie is not so bad. Who doesn't love adventure? Well if you don't, what a boring person you are. I have to comment that it just felt rather ilogical that kids would just approach the unknown, like approaching a city filled with bad people, without fear. However I do have to acknowledge that kids are more daring and adults take a more calculative approach and that makes us so not fun at all. Ooopss ... am I saying I'm an adult? When I often say I'm a child. That's pisces contradictory trait for you. I actually googled to see if what I just said makes any sense and this is what I found. I think it's so true. Need to show this to Ms. J and hear what she has to say, she may agree completely too :D

On this week, it was okay, I guess. I want to be positive and not say it's not okay. Let's just say I survived it and we're moving on to the next week. Let's just be thankful for that. Coincidentally I met Carl this week who said I look happier now. It was a moment of err...??? I guess it's kinda true but it's not like my world is free of merda. Shitty things still happened, like yesterday for example, but I guess the point is I survived it and I haven't cried yet. I guess we're just taking it day by day, prayer by prayer, smile by smile :)

Had lunch today after class with LM, Mau, and Jac + husband. Lunch was Italian food. I didn't have pasta even though I was thinking about it so much. I had risotto instead. I think I'm more of a pasta person. Aaaahhh, now that I am thinking about it, I so want to have pasta :( I chose panna cotta for dessert and we were given tiramisu and hazelnut mousse as well. Surprisingly I like the tiramisu. I don't drink coffee, so stuff with coffee in it doesn't really excite me but the tiramisu was really nice. I guess I just really like creamy fattening stuff :P After lunch I finally went to the mall to get christmas presents for some people. I was only thinking of 2 persons this year but suddenly there was an extra addition and the present for this person proved to be the hardest to find. It became harder because people whom I consulted to and who replied back to me had very strong opinions on how much I should spend on it. They're really logical people and they were right about the spending part since I think I may have spent close to S$500 today alone. I am too scared to actually calculate how much the damage is but I think it's around there :(

So Christmas is coming soon. I want to be all christmasy about it but after today, I think my head is bogged down with the fact that I have a french test next week. I need to study but I'm so lazy to do so. Seriously, verbs conjugation, pronouns, and tenses can be so so torturous :( Mr Ben actually said the test is a bit difficult. Darn it! I was actually wondering if I could survive it without studying but now I guess, I really have to study :( 1 week left and I haven't really touched my notes. Compared to the previous tests, I have never been this unprepared, so panic is really sinking in :( I guess it's time for me to stop talking now. Take care peeps!

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