Ciao tutti, come stai? How are you guys doing? I was asked how my week was this week. I answered, "cette semaine est un peu difficile pour moi". I wish I could have answered differently but it was what it was. I even pulled an anti social mode yesterday and went for a rather expensive italian lunch alone. Well I just don't feel that S$6 for a small ice lemon tea is acceptable. I felt rather strange about going for lunch alone but I realized I should be able to do things like this and it went well. I spoke italian to the waiter and he understood me. Obviously I didn't have a lengthy conversation with him. I was just asking simple questions and he was replying with simple words but it still felt pretty good that he understood me and most importantly I think it felt good to step out from my current existence and just be transported away to some place which felt different simply because I was alone and forcing myself not to speak english. It was only for less than an hour but I guess there's always a time when you need to step out and you should really do it no matter if it's only for a short while because it helps to keep you sane.

This week hasn't been all totally bad. There were moments of pure smiles and sincere laughters. There was a short moment when I could actually say that I had a good time. I think it's pretty note worthy since I mentioned it to some people, well to most people in my world actually :P I am maybe being foolish again but as I have explained it to LM today, life kinda sucks sometime or most of the time, so you should just be happy if there come moments when you can really smile with your heart, no matter if it's logically not right. I spent some time after class with LM today and we had a good long talk about stuffs. Again she's surprised with my contradiction. She said that she saw me as someone who is rational and so she found that the story I was telling her to be irrational. I could only say, you feel what you feel. You can't help it but of course the rational thing would be what you do with that feeling or emotion that you have and yes I do know that I should be taking the rational route.

So today we watched Rapunzel / Tangled. We watched it in 3D. I thought it was pretty nice. Rapunzel was pretty and her long hair is enviable. I thought he looked different when her hair was cut short and turned brunette. It's kinda nice that the movie has songs in it. It made it kinda classic disney. The lanterns scenes were really pretty that it really made you warm and fuzzy inside. As how it often happened when I watched a 3D movie, I don't think the 3D elements made much different in how nice the movie was. It made wonder if I should watch Narnia in 3D. I kinda don't have much else to say about the movie, other than it's pretty nice, which I already said above :P

Overall it's pretty good to be spending the afternoon with LM. She's always surprising me with how chatty she can be. There were a lot of stuffs being talked about :P Seriously maybe you cannot really know what's inside a woman's heart and mind. On another woman story, I was asking U today, how does she feel with the fact that we're turning 29 next year. She said that she feels rather sad about it and she was so funny when she was asking me if I'm ready and if I have prepared everything :D Yeah, as if we're gonna die. It's really funny but it's really my sentiment actually. LM was like why are you girls taking it this way, but I guess only if you have passed it and be 30 and above that you can actually say that it's not a big deal. It was really comforting that U feels the same way, that I am not that crazy. Life is amusing in its ways that an Indonesian and a Japanese with different upbringing and life experiences could feel the same about turning 29 :D

I know some people would roll their eyes when I told them how sad it is to be turning 29 but it's the last number in which we could say that we're 20 something. Yeah, it's just a number etc, but man being 30 just feels like you have to change and be more mature and wise. This week, I was telling a boy, the 20s is the year of reckless living and when you reach 30 onwards, it just doesn't seem that you can be that free anymore and there's so many things that you have to factor in in your life. Another guy told me this week that when he reached 30, he was okay about it. But now that he's 35, he's feeling rather sad about it. When I asked him why, he said it's because it's nearing 40 :D and Mr Ben last week said it's awful being 40 something :D I guess everyone is hating their numbers :P I have a theory that only if you haven't gotten or reached the things that you want to reach in your age, that you would feel sad and dread about being older. Well I have some months left in my 28. I am not one who loves even number but I am holding dearly to this 28 :P Oh well, buonanotte tutti! I am feeling very hungry. I think I'm gonna try to sleep early today. I felt pretty sleepy and tired this afternoon.

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