Hello everyone! Let me start off with wishing you a great merry christmas! The picture is from the Vivocity's christmas tree. I thought it was pretty nice :) So how has christmas been going on for you guys? Hope it's merry. I had quite an uneventful one. Was pretty happy that I could wake up late today. Loving these 2 weeks break from French that I have to say I am not looking forward for classes to commence again. Speaking of French, the French test that I had to take last week was difficult, aarrgggh. I hope Mr. Ben would be pretty nice in the marking but I think no matter how nice he is, it would still be hard to get a good mark. Oh well ... I don't want to ponder about it.

I remember Mr. Ben was telling me how sad it is that I would be spending christmas without anything special planned or without anyone. Err ... I kinda like it that way? I had a good day yesterday and I had a good day today as well, alone with myself. I needed space and I'm having time for myself this weekend. Went to watch Little Fockers yesterday and although it wasn't amazing and was almost boring on some parts, I thought it was pretty entertaining. I guess I just needed some light entertainment. When did Ben Stiller get so handsome? I first noticed how handsome he became on the posters for the movie and it took me by surprise. Then I saw him in the movie and he was really appealing and it did help a lot that his character was so likeable. I think the most unexpected character for me is Jessica Alba's. I didn't expect that she could be such a bimbo :P Anyway, nothing much else can be said about the movie. I am looking forward to watch Gulliver's Travels and The Tourist though both movies didn't get good reviews but I suppose they'll still be an interesting watch.

What else that's been happening? Nothing much. I finished reading Love and Lust in Singapore and I've chosen One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez as my next book. The title appealed to my sentimental-melancholy-tend-to-be-depressed self :P I've also started planning for my birthday present next year :) I think I have quite a kick ass organizational skill. I'm impressed with how much I could get done in less than 1 week. I'm pretty paranoid about it though. As usual I'm the half empty glass. I'm afraid that's it's not gonna come true and so I'm only telling a few people on a need-to-know basis because I don't want to jinx it. I think I need to pray about it every day so that God allows to do this plan, especially since it involves other people. I really hope God puts his blessing on this. Okay I don't want to speak much more about it. I think I'm gonna lie down and have a nap now. I'm so in a relaxed mood today :)

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