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The second half of the AFF Suzuki cup final just started. If you don't know, it's between Indonesia and Malaysia. We're kinda down 3 goals from the first leg of this final. It's looking pretty slim that we can win this but the Indonesians are trying really really hard. There were a lot of miss chances in the first half. A quick look in twitter showed that the malaysian goalkie is a trending topic. Many Indonesians are tweeting about how lucky / good he was. Aaarrrghhh, the Malaysian just scored. My heart is breaking :'( I'm gonna stop with this live update of the match.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write about how there really is power in number. The Indonesians have managed to steal the limelight of twitter trending topics a few time. Also a few days ago, this article appeared in CNN. It's very very interesting for me because I don't think Indonesia is a high-tech country. Obviously in term of infrastructure, we are so far behind countries like Singapore, Japan, or South Korea but since there are many of us, apparently we can still rock the world :P

So anyway, yesterday I watched Gulliver's Travels. I think every Jack Black's movie would have some song and dance in it :) I thought it was pretty entertaining and fun. It wasn't deep in term of the story but it was pretty fun. I kinda like Jack Black. He has this annoying air about him but he just seems to be such a fun guy. Anyway, nothing much can be said about the movie but the tilt shift effect at the beginning of the movie reminded me of when I used to play with that effect with the pictures that I took. Here's one example:

The house at the end of the street is my aunt's. I miss home so much. I'm so looking forward to go home next month. Well to be more exact, I think I just can't wait to leave Singapore. I just need the change of air. As I wrote that my mind goes to someone who's been working really hard for the past few weeks and months and I think I shouldn't be complaining :(

Anyway, I kinda made a new year resolution this morning. It happened because U sent me an sms telling me that she passed DELF. By the way, I really welcome the unexpected sms or call from people. Well NanSee is the only one who would normally call me. I guess what I'm trying to say, I just welcome the distraction a lot. Unfortunately I'm not that friendly to return the favor and be suddenly sending people sms just to distract them for awhile :P So back to U, she passed DELF and I said woohoo!!! I told her that she made me want to do DELF but I'm too lazy to do it. She said we should do it together and I kinda said okay, I will try to do 1 DELF next year. Since I said it, I should do it, right? It's kinda a new year resolution then ... errr, I have to make it happen :( I printed a sample test for B2 and I'm regretting saying that I would do DELF. It reminded me of CELI 3 and they are of the same level. I struggled a lot with CELI 3 but if I can really do DELF B2, it really shows how my Italian helps me a lot with French. Okay my rambling is pretty boring, isn't it? Anyway take care guys. If I don't write again before this year ends, I just want to say Happy New Year. 2011 will be awesome!!! That's me being positive :) Buonanotte tutti!

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