Despicable Me

Watched Despicable Me yesterday. Decided to watch it in 3D and I enjoyed it very much, the movie and the 3D part. I have a lot of comments or things that I like about the movie and so I'm gonna do this one in points.

1) I thought Steve Carell is very talented. I don't think it's easy to speak with an accent or simply to come up with one. He did really really well that it didn't even sound like him. I am just amazed with him. I also found Jason Segel to be quite impressive. Jason Segel is of course Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother. Based on his character in that tv series, I wouldn't choose him to play an antagonist but I think he also did quite well. It was pretty surprising for me. Julie Andrews was also a delight to hear with the accent. She normally plays a character with proper speech and grace and to hear her in an accent and be a bit fierce is pretty amusing.

2) I LOVE the MINIONS!!! They're very cute. I think they actually look like potatoes. I love them because of their cuteness and their innocence. Watching the movie, I was thinking that I would love to have an army of my own minions! They are so loyal and they adore Gru a lot and I just feel it's so nice to be loved that much.

3) I love how colourful the world is. I like colourful things. I thought the scenes with the moon is amazing. It looks so real. Speaking of the scenes, I was thinking that I would love to have the crocodile couch that Gru had. I thought it was so cool, that is before I saw Vector's house. His house has an Apple-feel to it. White, clean line and shiny. What I love the most about his house is the big aquarium below his living room. It's so cool. He has one big shark in it but I would want mine with many fishes. Seriously if I have an aquarium that big, I would just lie face down on the floor and observe the fishes.

4) The little girls were adorable. They had the most old-fashioned name ever, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. I feel that their characters were not developed much. For example, I would like to know why Edith always had a hat on and I would love to see it off her head. Okay it's not a hat, I don't know what it is called in English. Agnes was of course the cutest one. I just found her hair being tied up so straight up to be very cute.

5) Storywise, I thought it is not bad. It's actually pretty deep when it touched on issues of how Gru didn't have much affection when he was young but this wasn't being touched more and I don't think it was resolved until the end. Yes her mother did say that she was proud of him but I just think that things like this need to be discussed and be brought up in the open so that people can release all the pent up emotion and move on with life. I was happy that Gru finally felt happy and be acceptant on the fact that the girls made him happy and be at peace with his life.

6) I thought the songs were great. They were mostly done by Pharrell and I love it! He doesn't have the best singing voice but it's nice to hear him sings and the songs are really nice :)

Well, I guess that's about it peeps. You guys take care okay. Tomorrow is Thursday, then we have Friday (where I will be happier) and the weekend, yay! I should be reviewing my homeworks or start studying and yet I am so lazy and get easily distracted :( there's tomorrow? Excuses, excuses, excuses. Ciao tutti! Vi voglio bene!

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