Watched INCEPTION with La Gioia and NanSee today. With a running time of around 2.5 hours, I thought I would be too dead tired if I watched it on a weekday. So I asked La Gioia if she wanted to watch it. Luckily she did. NanSee at first wasn't interested at the movie but decided to join us after hearing that La Gioia would be there. Well, it's been awhile since I met them altogether and it's nice to be seeing them again. Overall I had quite a good day today except that I didn't eat well today. Kinda sad because Saturday is normally the day I eat things that make me happy :P Anyway now let me rave about INCEPTION.

I thought INCEPTION was brilliant. At first I was skeptical about this movie. I thought it was going to be heavy on the brain like The Matrix and in a way it is but I like it because I like the idea and I get how a dream can be so addictive. Early on in the movie as the dream thing was explained, I could already see the possibility of building a world in your dream. It would just be so awesome. Another thing that I thought was pretty smart of Christopher Nolan (the writer) was the fact that he managed to combine both the high-tech science fiction parts of it as well as the emotional and character development of Leonardo DiCaprio's character. I was equally drawn on finding out how their mission going to turn out as well as finding out the history and story of Leonardo DiCaprio's character. The story is built on layers that it's like a waking up from a dream itself. One has to try to remember what just happened and went through everything to get the whole story. It is technically quite hard on the brain. Me being me, who cannot control my brain, with thoughts which jump all over the place, had difficulty keeping track on the story. There was a snowy mountain scenes, in which I suddenly just got aware and I ended up asking myself and La Gioia, how did we end up here :P It is silly of me, I know. I think it does need a lot of focus and concentration to understand this movie, to understand the rule, and to understand the reasoning behind the actions of each of the character. There are perhaps some illogical things in the movie, for example Dom and Mal Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard) chose such a painful way to die to wake up from their dream, isn't there better way? Like jumping off a building. Then when I think about it, Saito (played by Ken Watanabe) chose such a difficult way to destroy a rival's company. Surely there are easier ways than this but perhaps other ways are less interesting :P I have to comment also on how I like the special effects. A city folding into itself was cool. The zero gravity scenes in the lift were also cool and at one part was hilarious. I wonder if the actors had much fun doing them.

Speaking of the actors. I like them all. Leonardo DiCaprio is of course older and kinda fatter now. He's such a serious actor that I really have no comment on him anymore. He's just him, I suppose. Ken Watanabe is just an actor with such a commanding presence. I think he just fits really well to play characters that have a lot of power. Ellen Page (best known for Juno) was pretty. Marion Cotillard as a psycho bitch was kinda interesting to watch :P Cillian Murphy's character was so so. I don't think it gave him much room to show his acting prowess. Tom Hardy played the cool guy of the group. It was interesting to watch his interactions with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character. I have to comment on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I last saw him in (500) Days of Summer, in which he played this love-sick guy who made me kinda impatient when I watched the movie. I am glad to see him to be totally different in this role and since I am a sucker for a tall skinny guy, I am kinda drawn to him a lot :$ He looked great in this movie. Well I think he did, but I know a lot of girls wouldn't share my opinion :P It's a good movie though I do have to say that it's a very particular kind of movie. Either you like it or you don't. Do give it a watch though :) I love it very much.

On other news. Well life has been okay. Comme ci, comme ça as I answered when I was asked how my week was. I have never given any answer other than that. I am perhaps ungrateful for not saying more positive things but at least I don't say it's awful. So in a way, I am still grateful. Overall though considering all, it actually has been a good week and I am actually very very happy today, very happy :) I have a good day :) Today did start with the heavy rain and on a Saturday morning like this morning, I did feel like a moron, because who on earth would leave the comfort of their bed at such a nice weather in early morning, brave the rain, and go to class? Apparently there are some people who did that, like my classmates and teachers :P I ended up reaching the earliest among them all, which is pretty amazing because I'm usually late. I was late actually but with the traffic and such, people were later than me. When I came in, noone was in the class and the room was dark and I had to switch on the light. For some reason, I found it to be kinda scary to be in the class alone :S Then Mr. Ben came and that became more uncomfortable since he's speaking French. I just wanted to give up and in the end I asked, je peux parler en anglais? (can I speak English?). He said yes. He's that nice. Mr. P wouldn't have let me off. However Mr. Ben was responding to me in French and for some reason, I just could never get him and I am not actually that bad! I just could never understand him :( Then Jacq arrived and I felt so relieved :D We had much laugh in class today. A lot of personal stuff came out during our talk. Errr ... some things which were shared are perhaps too personal for my liking but I guess you must give as you are take. We have interrogated Mr. Ben perhaps way too much, so in a way we or I deserve some poking on teasing on my parts :P Dear God, he gave us much homework this week. I really have to put much efforts into it. Test is in 4-5 weeks, arrrgghhh and today already showed how verbs conjugation are disappearing from my brain. It's kinda dilemmatic for me. I feel as I am pushing all this french knowledge in, the italian words are disappearing and I don't want that :( But for now, I really have to start getting the french verbs conjugation into my head. I really need to focus and concentrate but I am lazy :| Alright, since I don't want my italian to be gone, I'm gonna try to write something (with the help of google translate of course).

C'è un sentimento dentro il mio cuore. Un sentimento che è un po' strano ma mi fa sorridere. Non lo so che cosa devo fare. È molto buono che sorrido ma forse questo è troppo stupido e sciocco per me. Alla fine, il mio cuore sarà probabilmente rotta. Così vale la mia pena avere questo sentimento e lasciarlo crescere perchè sorrido adesso ma dopo sarò molto triste? Ma chi può dire che il mio cuore sarà certamente rotta? Forse questo è veramente per me? Forse questa è la riposta delle mie preghiere? Allora, adesso puoi vedere la prova che sono molto stupida :P Penso troppo. Forse devo semplicemente accetare la cose come viene. Sorrido adesso e va bene. Non è male per essere felice e si sono felice, sono felice. Si voglio sorridere, devo sorridere. La vita è bella per me in questo momento e non devo pensare troppo. Devo semplicemente essere grato e sorrido :)

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