Went to watch Shanghai yesterday, alone. I actually tried to get people to watch it with me. In fact I asked 3 people if they would want to watch it with me. However noone was free and let's face it, people don't live by my schedule. For some reason, I didn't feel like watching it alone. A quick look on this blog showed that I really have watched a lot of movies alone recently. I thought it would be just around 3 movies, but it turned out that from May to now, I watched around 10 movies plus alone! Goodness me!!! No wonder I started to feel rather lonely. I still love watching a movie alone, but I guess sometime the need for people kicks in.

Anyway, I watched Shanghai simply because of John Cusack, whom I first fell in love with in Con Air. Since he was the reason, I guess I should comment on him and though this may sound so not important, but I want to say it anyway. John Cusack looked much older in this movie and I think he has gone much fatter as well :( and me being the weird me felt that the make-up artist unnecessarily put too heavy eyeliner at the bottom of his eyes :( Was he good in the movie? Well I don't know how to comment on this movie and on him. Looking at the trailer, I thought it was going to be some heavy dramatic movie and in a way it was pretty dramatic but I thought it would be heavy at the political or espionage side and this is not really true. At the core of it Shanghai is actually a story about love.

The other major actors were Chow Yun Fat and Ken Watanabe (who is really cool by the way) and they hold such important roles in the movie but I couldn't sympathize much with their characters. Their characters were men of high power and position and yet a lot of things that they did were based on love, stupid things if I can say. On the opposite of these major actors, we have Gong Li and being the female lead who played an important role in the movie, I found that her character was actually the more rational of the bunch. One may argue that love can make even a person of the highest power to do silly things but I guess I expect more from people who are in that higher power. If you are in a position of power and have a lot of responsibility and a lot are at stake by every decision that you make, then I would like you to be able to put aside your emotion and personal desire for the greater good, for what people expect you to do in your position. So with that opinion of mine, at the end of Shanghai, I really don't know how to comment on it. I guess it's not so bad but personally I just don't like the story much. The movie was narrated by John Cusack in a mode which made me feel that it was rather cheesy. It gave an espionage spy feel to it but for me it just wasn't cool enough because his role wasn't really the cool spy role. Oh well ... nothing much else to say about it.

I kinda want this week to be over as soon as possible and I do feel rather sad or perhaps annoyed that today is only Wednesday. I guess my fuel is already running pretty low but then when I think of it, this Saturday would mark 1 month and I just have another 2 months to go. So that's actually a good thing. I really need to keep my energy level high. By the way, I just heard the Singapore National Day song for this year and I must say, I like the last year's better and after hearing the song and watching the video, I miss my home country Indonesia a lot!!! Long live Indonesia! I love you always!

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