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So I went to the Indonesian embassy yesterday evening for Ata's wedding. I have been in the embassy before, not a lot, maybe around 5 times in my whole 9 years plus here. As such, I didn't realize how big the compound is. It's actually pretty big. They have a musholla there and some other things which I didn't realize exist and apparently the ambassador lives in the compound as well. The buildings were kinda old and somehow it does feel like Indonesia there, which is comforting. They are not high rise buildings, more like a 2-storey house kinda thing. It reminded me of old hospitals in Jakarta which do not have high buildings, instead the buildings are more like 1-2 storey long houses with small gardens all around.

By the way, so many things are distracting me in writting this post right now. My thoughts are running all over the place. Anyway, so in Ata's wedding, I met many of my NUS friends. People whom I haven't seen for many years, maybe 5 years plus. It gets pretty weird recognizing their names. Their faces may not change but somehow their names slipped and in a split second, you gotta be quick and remember their names before shaking hands and saying "hi" :P I am sure many of them forget my name too :P Well many of my NUS friends have really moved on with lives, you know being married and kids and such but many of them have moved on in other ways too. Like changing citizenship and purchasing a house here, having their sister or brother coming over. They are all seem so successful. Kinda weird to see that many have moved out from Singapore and yet there are many too who are putting roots here. Everyone seems happy but you never know how people are deep down inside, right?

Seeing them, I feel that the guys mantain a better bond than the girls. It seems that the guys though they perhaps were not so close back in school (or it seemed not so close), are still there for each other. Maybe guys are like that, since they are not so emotional like girls, their friendships have less drama but more stable. They don't require the hanging out often, but would be there when the time comes. The girls on the other hand may have been quite close with other girls back in school but don't really maintain that relationship. I suppose if a girl don't talk often with each other, one can be sure that that relationship dissipates and they may not be playing any role in the big events. The girls though maintain 1 or 2 close friends who are like their constants. I don't know if I am making any sense :P

Thoughts are really running all over my head that some things that I thought I was going to write are not there anymore. Take care peeps, hope you have a great week ahead :D

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