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Yes, this post is unimportant. I'm planning a quiet weekend away from anyone, literally and virtually so I thought I would just write now. Not that you would miss my post.

A few minutes before this, I'd just finished ironing my clothes. Then I sent an sms to mom. My life seems pretty boring and plain, huh? Then read starfish's blog and it's still at the other tab, I'm listening to the songs in his jukebox. Everytime I finish reading his blog, my eyes will get all weird trying to readjust after reading all the white in black. I'm not one who really into the logic of choosing color for web. Most of the time I choose colors based on my liking, but there is really a logic in using them. Not that I think he should change the colors combination of his blog, because I would choose white against black myself

So how have I been? Felt rather sucky today. Stuffs as usual. Today I just couldn't bring myself to do any of it. I feel so disorganized, which makes me feel rather irresponsible and perhaps incompetent. Then I also feel that I am getting fatter *sigh* The arms are bulging. However most significantly, I miss him dearly *sigh* I guess it's a good thing that I've said it out in the open (at least to him because many people are still clueless about it) because now all the other things that I want to say is nothing compared to what I had said. Though perhaps I must not say this kind of things. I should just contain it inside. Well, he never reads this blog, so I guess it's okay?

Went for dinner with Starfish, NanSee, La Gioia, Gascoigne, and Lois on Tuesday night. Starfish forgets to mention Lois in his post It's been a while since we saw Starfish and NanSee as well. Didn't have the time to meet them last year and I don't really have much days left here before I go home. Dinner was at Tambuah Mas because nobody chose a place. Given me, I would choose the nice Indonesian food. Told Rista about it and she said I must bring her there again if she's in town. Surely, I will. I was happy that everybody were very good eaters. We ordered quite a lot, including which, 2 tahu telor and everybody still had dessert! Except for Lois who left earlier. I'm so proud with all of them We should do this again! Funnily, I arrived home and received an sms from Starfish, in which he wrote, make sure Gazzie paid for the cab Okay, let it be known that he did

Talking about Rista, that girl went to Sidney alone. I was kinda jealous about it but truth be told I may not have enough courage to do it myself. Hence why I am praying for courage. Geez, what am I talking about, I haven't been praying seriously or regularly for that matter. I really need to go through my life, throw away the junk and look into things which have been abandoned. Darn! If I start talking and elaborating about my life, I just get depressed easily. So good night peeps!

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