A Series of First

Decided to take an afternoon off for a much needed break. Been wanting to watch lots of movie but the people whom I asked to, just weren't interested or just didn't have the time to accompany me. I have to remind myself to stop being desperate in asking people to accompany me. Remember Eka, you can do things on your own and isn't it fun to watch a movie on your own?

There's actually quite a number of movies that I want to watch and as such I was really wondering if I should squeeze in 2 movies today. Vinny said yes, it's fun, a movie marathon. Osh said yes, I should give myself a break, and 2 is nice, binge but not overly done So in the end I did. I went for The Darjeeling Limited and then I had around half an hour window before Michael Clayton. It felt rather sad that I didn't even have time that I had to squeeze 2 movies in 1 day. Like the many things in my life recently, I'm really in a rush mode. However, I do feel good with the efficiency in which I carried this task Anyway, I think this is my first time watching 2 movies in 1 day. I tried to remember if I had done it in my uni days, but I don't think so. Mom thinks that I'm nuts but I love the fact that I'm doing something for the first time. Hope such things will happen more often this year. Doing things for the first time, I mean.

I love The Darjeeling Limited. Obviously it was done before Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. I hope he is feeling better now. Owen Wilson was just the typical Owen Wilson in this movie. I found his character to be quite lovable. All the 3 brothers in this movie actually really had their own charm and charisma and I don't think that anyone shadowed the others. I must say, Adrien Brody is handsome. Love him! Story wise, I found it to be really good though some people may find it weird. I love how the story developed. I love the chemistry between the actors, their quirkiness and the silly things that happened in the movie (there were many) as well as the sad ones. I do recommend this movie to all of you, if you want something different. It's not really a mainstream taste but I don't think it's that hard to digest and enjoy.

Next up was Michael Clayton which I watched because I think I've read good review about it and because I think George Clooney would have chosen something worth working for. Hmmm ... I found this one would be harder to swallow than The Darjeeling Limited. I think it wasn't bad but I can see how many people would think that the movie is boring. George Clooney was of course a good actor. There's Tilda Swinton there. I found her to be fatter in this movie. She was also a good actress. Again playing the bad guy and again being so good at it that I disliked her from the beginning, even before her character did anything. The story was not too complicated to follow basically, however the conversation could be quite difficult to follow, at least for me. If you want something heavy, then you can go and try this movie. I don't find it to be particularly brainy but it is very very serious. I don't think there's much fun in it.

So that's the movies reviews. Finally heard something from the Mr today. I miss him. Glad to hear him, that means he's still alive. He had such a timing though. I'm now gonna tell you another first that I did. Darn, I am nervous as I am writing this. I do not know why I bother writing this though, because I kinda hope my cousin will not read this so that she will not be asking questions to me. This will come as a shock to many people, I think they too will be asking questions to me. I think only 2 people in my universe know what exactly I'm talking about and one of it had received the full story. So with me not wanting to be interrogated, why bother writing it down? I guess because I can and because I should say what I want to say and sometime writing it down makes things clearer.

So yesterday, for the first time in my life I told someone I like him. Yes, I did. Are you screaming "Oh My God!!!" and "Who???". It didn't matter. I had wanted to say it since last month if you remembered the third post before this. I had already wanted to say something when I felt things were going hazy. Finally I did because I just have to, because things have to be cleared and defined. So since I had planned to say it, I had given thoughts on how to say it, the sentences to say, but when it happened, it didn't really come out as I had planned it though I think I got the point across. I think your next question is "How did it go? How was it? So?". Well, the reason why I told him because I needed him to understand how I see what we are and we do see what we are differently. It's not about me saying how I feel and hoping that he feels the same. It's more about how to deal with us when I obviously have more feeling towards him now. The conclusion was ... I don't know, maybe I don't understand. There's no conclusion, I guess. He said okay and told me to do as I please. So I guess the good thing is that now he would understand why I do what I do.

I don't really know how I felt after I did it. Is it relieved, happy, sad? I don't know. Anyway this got me thinking that I have to do another first, to say I like / love you to the right guy, a guy who is really for me He said this will only make our friendship stronger. I am skeptical about it but maybe he is right on a certain degree. Maybe we are that good friends that I felt okay about telling him how I feel. Kinda sad that certain things will end but all these stupid sad feelings are the reason why I have to end things and be more logical and perhaps practical about it.

Allora, buonanotte tutti!

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