27 Dresses and Hundreds of Dollars Later

Hello people of the earth! How's the going? I got myself sick. I got myself sick on Saturday but after some self medication, I was doing okay. I was really okay on Sunday. Then Monday came and somehow after lunch, I was feeling sick. Was struggling to get myself all together so that I could just get through this week, but by Monday night I needed an expert help, so I decided to stay in on Tuesday. Got my antibiotics and the usual flu medicine that I love. I was surprised that I can still get flu despite of me already getting my flu vaccine last December, but I decided not to confront the doctor about it. Yesterday did feel like the whole world was against me, but on other thoughts, I was thinking that perhaps the world wanted me to slow down a bit before I kill myself or my sanity. However being the panicky me ("kiasu" is the correct word but I hate to use that) I did some things yesterday and it did clear a few things in my list and made one person happy. So everyone is happy though Eka perhaps needed more rest. I'm still not doing pretty well, cough is coming but I have some cough medicine, I've been having soups all the time, and I haven't drunk anything cold, so I'm hoping all of these will pass soon. My sickness was really really painful. I hadn't been sleeping well in Singapore, add not being able to breathe to that and I got very lousy nights and nap. The drugs didn't help to put me to sleep *sigh* I'm going home soon though, so then I can sleep!

Had planned to have a half day off today. By right I should be spending it in my room recuperating but I decided otherwise. Don't tell my mom about it okay. She's so gonna yell at me. I didn't tell her that I was out. Did some Chinese New Year shopping today and a few hundreds dollars was gone. I've finished buying all the things that I need to buy. I even have packed them inside my suitcase. I may buy another piece of clothing for me, settle 1 other thing and I'm pretty much ready to go.

Then I went to watch 27 Dresses and how I love it! Love it! Love it! I was never a fan of Katherine Heigl, but I really love her character and I think she was really pretty. James Marsden was of course always lovable and a handsome guy. I love his character as well. The movie may be typical. At one point the story reminded me of Never Been Kissed and Runaway Bride, because of the relation between the journalist and the object of their writing. Typical and predictable as it may, I think the story was interesting, the characters were nice, and the lines were entertaining. Example: James Marsden's character, Kevin, asked Katherine Heigl's character, Jane, "What about you? You don't have any needs?". She answered "No. I'm Jesus." I had a good laugh. There was a line that Katherine Heigl said on the climax when she was telling James Marsden's character that she loved him. I kinda could relate to that. Oh well ...

On other parts. So the ex-president, Soeharto, died. I felt the way he died was a bit like the way he stepped down from presidency. He clung to it and in the end it was not meant to be. I was rather sad not being at home to follow all the news but did manage to watch RCTI online and watched / heard glimpses of the funeral. Didn't manage to watch all because of the boring Monday rendezvous. Did hear when her daughter, Mbak Tutut, read her eulogy. It was pretty heartbreaking and touching. It was sad. I feel some of the public responses were pretty fake. They spoke badly of him when he was alive and now they really turned and started saying good things just because he's dead. I think he may have done many wrong things when he governed but we can't deny the good things that we enjoyed. Hence I feel that he deserved to be respected.

Alright, there are other things to be told, like Vinny is leaving and apparently the 2 girls are going with him. Then il Gatto told me he is losing 3 people as well. I did feel a lost when Vinny told me he's leaving on Friday but it passed. When la Gioia told me about the 2 girls this morning, I was stunned but I can't say that I was devastated. When il Gatto told me his frustration, I was in a more upbeat spirit, telling him to relax and it's not so damaging I don't know, I just feel the surviving spirit is kicking in so I just feel like okay, let's get through this, we can do this people! Today, I feel good that I'm 26. I'm actually not 26, I'm still 25 but I don't know, since the start of this year, I kinda just embrace being 26. I feel good about it because I feel that age does come with a certain mental capability. That age brings with it years that 20 something kids don't have and I feel good about it. I'm maybe uptight and boring but ... ah I will not elaborate more Take care peeps! Stay healthy!

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