Arrivederci Tutti

Started today with Chantal Kreviazuk's, Leaving on a Jet Plane. All my bags are not exactly packed, but getting there. Ah, it's raining, I wish for a sunshine day. I'm going home today peeps. If it's up to me, I would rather go home in December, I may get the chance to spend 3 weeks home then. However, my cousin is getting married this weekend and so I should be there. It's gonna be an interesting wedding, simply because of what've been happening in our family this past year. It may set the tones for weddings to come.

Anyway, enough 'bout that. So I will be away for 1 week plus. Already, I can imagine being depressed when I come back here. I hope no major changes occur while I am away. Talked to the Mr this morning, I updated him with the happenings in my life these few days. His comment was of course interesting. Whatever it is, I am leaving. It is time for me to detoxify all the stupid and silly things in my life. Hopefully when I come back, I am no longer sad about a particular stupid thing. The Mr has good news of his own. To it, I can only exclaim excitedly FINALLY! He said currently it's only 1 cm, how funny. All starts small I suppose.

Okay gotta go, paid my bills and wrote this small post. Maybe I can get online later with the wireless connection in Changi airport. Arrivederci tutti! Ci vediamo! Grazie Derrick

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