The Weekend After

I don't think The Weekend After is the correct title since I still have so many unresolved business. However, I thought I could spare a few hours just to relax and take a break. Hopefully I don't jinx it. I'm pretty paranoid as usual. I'm feeling that something gonna screw up and something bad would happen this coming week. I seriously hope it wouldn't come to that because I seriously don't have time for it this coming week. Heaven has been quite nice to me these past weeks for it relieved me of a particularly demanding obligation. However I can not avoid it anymore, so I better get physically ready.

Finished reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Yesterday I found out that you should read at least 20 pages a day to work your brain and make you know more things. However, I just like to read books slowly. My reasoning as I always give people is that I want to savour it longer. I also think reading it slowly make me remember more detail and understand the book fully. If you are the type of person who actually keep up with whatever happening in the world, you should have heard this book and this author and you know that this book is pretty famous. However, I just don't really get it. I really like the whole idea of heaven as a place where your life is being explained, when your questions are being answered. However I just don't get the connection of the 5 people that our character met in heaven. The last person that he met was the most telling but for example, I just don't get why he met his first person. Well, perhaps as usual God has a plan, but see in heaven where it supposes to be clear, I don't find it to be that clear. I do have to say I love the love story being told about our main character, Eddie, and his wife, Marguerite. It's very sweet. When you watch a movie and you see how nice the guy is, you do feel it's pretty sweet and romantic and all, however it just felt a bit not real. The love story in the book is plain, but I really love it, I love how it was told. Just like I really like the love story of Santiago and Fatima in The Alchemist. I guess being the very plain me, I want something simple and plain. Now I am moving on to Tuesdays with Morrie, courtesy of Vivy of course. If you don't know, it's by the same author. Hopefully it would be better.

Today, I went to watch Miami Vice with Vivy. I seriously pondered if I should watch this movie, I thought it was gonna be morally low. Since Vivy didn't mind, we went to watch it. I guess the only reason why I wanted to watch it is because the tv series was somewhat part of my life when I was young. The verdict on the movie: Gosh! It was boring. Seriously I am not the only person who felt that 2 hours being served this movie felt like pretty long since I heard other people who watched with us also said that the movie was boring when we were walking out. Vivy agreed and we kinda could sense the restlessness of the people in the cinema during the movie *sigH* To be honest, for such an action movie, it's not really packed with much action. I think their idea of action was packing it with very violent shooting scenes towards the end of the movie. Totally unnecessary. Colin Farell and Jamie Foxx supposed to be the cool guys in the centre of the movie, but I didn't feel that they exuded that charisma. I thought Gong Li however had a very commanding presence. Looking at her, now I understand why she was the perfect actress to play the character that she played in Memoir of a Geisha. I can see that she has a very strong drama background though, which I feel don't necessarily fit this kind of action movie. However this action movie is not really that full of action anyway. So peeps, I think for the first time, I would totally recommend you not to go and watch this movie

Ate quite a whole lot today. These days, I found myself having a big appetite which cost quite a lot too (darn!). Vivy said it might be stress. I don't know. I hope I don't get fatter. Feel like I should start doing my push-up but I'm still pretty tired these days *excuses!*

Finally managed to talk to Roy through msn and find out where exactly he is. Apparently he is with Fredo. Feel good talking to him. He seems to be in a very trigger happy spirit and si, sono gelosa, forse uno giorno, prega per me per favore Ho parlato con Carl oggi e abbiamo parlato su una donna che ha calzato le scarpe brutte. Abbiamo parlato in italiano cosi questa donna non ha capito che abbiamo ditto. Molto divertente. Mi piace che ci possiamo parlare e nessuno capisce

The tv is showing In America. I have watched it when it was first released in Singapore. I didn't really write a proper comment, but here it is. I hope you get to watch it because it is really good and I really love it. Alrighty, take care peeps, wherever you are. Hope everything will be okay for us.

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