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Decided to get myself a new shoutbox. Still from an Indonesian based provider, this one is from Don't really like it that much though. Maybe I should try to get use to it. You can say that it is better because it has smileys and all, but I just miss Doneeh. I hope they will be back up soon. Anyways, the new shoutbox, I choose an orange-y color scheme to add a bit of colour to my blog. Hope you all like it. Do start give me messages, people!

On other news. My antivirus is expiring soon and I haven't gotten myself a new one. Geez, I am so dead. My external harddisk is extremely sensitive to the slightest vibration that it's easily disconnected I know it's my mistake for not being more caring towards it. I am so dead!!

Had my eyes checked today for new lenses. Gonna cost me S$180. Right eye stays the same at -375. Left eye drops from -325 to -300. Apparently now I also have a slight astimagtism, but I don't think I will adjust my glasses. I can't really stay without it. Okay peeps, I hope your days are fabulous! Take care.

PS: Mr, you owe me an email! We haven't talked that much anymore these days.

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