Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown

Went to watch Ice Age 2 yesterday, because this miss is having a bit of a meltdown. Basically, I was just in a mood of spending money, this is even though I am really forced to spend money. The major one was for the contact lenses. Then in the last post, I told you guys that I didn't want to adjust my glasses and behold people! My glasses cracked on its own!!! Found out about it on Monday, I was so sad Surrendered it to the optician yesterday but until now, I still haven't gotten it back and as I am writing this, I am stuck with my getting-dryer lenses I hope I can get my glasses back tomorrow. It's funny how people were flabbergasted when I talked about my glasses. How could I have a perfect eye sight with the things I do? Much TV and no vegie? Oh yeah please pray for Arsenal who gonna meet Juventus in a few hours!

Back to Ice Age, it was pretty funny as I was warned. I like how it's not really all that icy anymore. The first one was rather too white to me. Actually, when the first one came out, I wasn't interested in the movie. I watched it anyway in my computer, and who could forget the line "Hey, Lord of the Flame, your tail's on fire". This second one is nice, because we get to see green things, all the trees. It was beautiful. We also fell in love much more to Manny, Diego, and Sid as a group. Oh yeah, I loved the part when the other sloths were sacrificing Sid to the Volcano, nice song, nice dance, the whole routine was just fun and hilarious. Trying to get the song now So many other movies that I want to watch. Being the uncontrollable me, I might just do that.

On other part of my life yesterday. Currently in Singapore, for some people, I am known as another persona. One that I have, not because I choose to. Anyway, it's me in a certain confined situation and environment. Yesterday, I was found as that particular person outside the place where I normally hold that facade and it just felt weird. To be honest, I was just pretty embarrassed. I don't know why, maybe because I was shy? Maybe because I don't want to have that facade in the first place. Though it does not mean that I don't hold dearly all the things I feel while carrying that persona. I am bloody weird, aren't I? Forget all my stupid ramblings. Good news, I received an email from my other pen friend whom I haven't been in touch for a long time (thank God, I didn't dismiss it as junk mail, though the name was a bit weird and unrecognizable). The reason why we lost contact was because I moved to Singapore and she is a Palestinian living in Jerusalem. So go figure, how complicated it is? Will catch up with her. I am just thankful that God keep her safe and bless me to be able to write to her again. God is pretty amazing

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