Pride and Prejudice

Went to watch Pride and Prejudice with Vivy last Saturday. Initially she wasn't interested. I don't really know what changed her mind but it's a good thing that she was interested because she helped me finalize the movie plan and made me really watch it before I run out of time

Pride and Prejudice is so good. We were so satisfied. Well-played I think. Everyone delivered their characters finely. Keira Knightley received a lot of praises for her character, Elizabeth Bennet. I guess people are just surprised such a fine beauty can carry a character like Lizzie Bennet so well. I think she did look less beautiful in this movie, I guess they really tried to make her so. One thing for sure, she is so skinny for the eye. Notice that in Bend it Like Beckham and she is still very skinny. She really needs to eat more. The story in the movie really followed the book exactly and it is really good. For those who don't read, you can really watch this movie to increase your knowledge on classic British literature. The people in the cinema seemed to be really enjoying and following the story despite the thick British conversation (it wasn't really hard to follow). It was funny at times, thanks to Mrs Bennet and I think Mr Collins also carried himself quite nicely. I feel I need to point out Judi Dench who played Lady Catherine. She was so intimidating as Lady Catherine, that I feel I wouldn't want to be in her presence. She is really a good actress. We hate her as Lady Catherine

Now for my Mr. Darcy. I love Mr. Darcy. The actor who played him wasn't amazingly handsome but I just love him, I don't know why. Honestly, the character Mr. Darcy is not really the kindest male character ever written in any story. He is at times pretty rude, unnecessarily rude. Yes, he did go all the way to make everything better for Lizzie but he also had such a pride. When he first professed his love to Lizzie, he didn't forget to say that he loved her despite of the inferiority of her family and every other bad things. Goodness!!! He is deserving of a hit in the head. What is it then that makes us fall for Mr. Darcy? Maybe it was the fact that a guy like him, with such a pride as him was willing to get rejected and yet stayed true to his feeling and be honest about it. He got rejected at first and yet he was still trying to make everything better for her, because he loved her. Isn't it sweet? Admirable guy! Or maybe we love him because he is just so cool. I feel he is actually kinda being over-shadowed by the rest of the characters. Maybe because as Vivy said, he was always looking so gloomy, maybe also because he had to keep his aloof composure. Whatever it is, I love Mr. Darcy

I read from someone's blog that actually Singapore get the US version instead of the UK version. This person totally hate the ending that we were adviced to leave the cinema before the movie ends. He was kinda true. The ending was so Hollywood and unnecessarily silly. I don't understand why they felt the need to customize it for Hollywood. The ending was actually kinda sweet, but when you multiplied it five or seven fold, it was seriously unnecessarily cheesy. Still, I really like the movie. It was good, and I think it's the best romantic movie ever came out after Love Actually. For guys, relax, it is not as lovey-dovey as Love Actually. Go watch it people.

On weekend news:

Tell Laura I Love Her. Last Saturday was the last meeting with Signora Laura. I really like her. I hope I will be so lucky to have her with us again

Arsenal, again lost. Bloody Hell

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