Is Saying Bloody Hell Rude?

I've been using the phrase Bloody Hell a lot after hearing Ron Weasley did that. I think the phrase Wicked! is also cool, but apparently things these days sucks, so I can not really use that. Surely Bloody Hell is not really rude? I don't say the F word. Not yet, at least.

Morons...oh Morons!!! I have been deadly furious and angry for these 2 days because of morons (blood pressure is soaring). Not just with one moron. I don't think I will be okay. Oh well, new people on my I-don't-speak-to-you list. I wonder how it is allowed in this world for morons to give such pain to people who have to fix their moronic acts. I guess, everything happens in this world. Every thing that you may not have imagined. Why are morons clueless? And stupid? What am I talking about, they are morons. How come they can not see that they caused such trouble to people around them?

Oh well, stop being mean I suppose. Actually the reason for writing is to tell you the most interesting thing I saw today. There was these 3 people, I supposed the husband, wife, and son. The husband is an old man, a westerner, the rests look Asians. Okay, the relation between them is my own assumption, I don't know if it is correct. I think today is the old man's birthday. So they decided to celebrate it. Guess where they celebrated it? On the steps of S17 or now it is called SOC1 in NUS. So there were these few small steps in S17 before going to the main door. The old man just sat there and there was this cake, which looked pretty big and tantalizing. They took pictures of him and the cake. Me being, across the road, didn't hear if there were any birthday songs. Then they cut the cake. Big cake, and only 3 of them. So as they were enjoying the cakes at the steps there, they shared it out with some of the (I think) Indian workers there. "How interesting!", I thought. I would never have the nerve to celebrate my birthday in the steps of S17 but the uniqueness of it all was kinda warm-hearted for the furious me. I think one should really has his/her birthday uniquely. I remember my birthday jelly. Loved it so much and the people who came, especially that guy who made the effort to walk all the way to my room. Gosh, those were happy times.

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