Saturday with Tom Hanks

Watched 2 Tom Hanks' movie today. Started this morning with Saving Mr. Banks which I loved very much. I thought it was really well made. Tom Hanks' role was actually quite small compared to Emma Thompson's role in which the movie is actually centered about. I have to shamefully admit that I have never watched Mary Poppins. Maybe one day I get around to it. The cast was great, I was surprised to see Paul Giamatti played a simpleton driver. There is no small role, I suppose. Go and watch it peeps, it doesn't get many showings here in Singapore, but it's really good. Then this evening, I decided to watch Captain Phillips. Didn't watch it when it was out because I did read that the movie wasn't as accurate as what went down exactly. Dramatic license can be such a turn off for me. After watching the movie, I have to say it's actually a really good movie. Gripping and the pace was great. It's interesting finding out that a big ship is not very fast, that a raggedy boat can catch up to them. Also interesting to see the defense mechanism that container ships like MAERSK Alabama has in dealing with pirates. It doesn't seem very helpful. It's also pretty crazy to see how "nekat" the pirates are. The Indonesian word describes it really well, the word daring in English is not sufficient for me. Another thing that I note was that the SEAL team was really cool, when have they not been? :D Anyway that got me thinking that maybe these ships need some security people in their ships, like an air marshal?

Well I got to think that because this week, I also managed to watch Non-Stop. I am quite taken by Liam Neeson with his Taken movie series :D but I wasn't that interested in watching this movie. However the majority won and since it's free, there I was. I actually liked Non-Stop a lot as the movie progressed, but then the conclusion ruined it all for me. It was such a lame conclusion. I don't buy the terrorists' reasoning and how I wished it could be smarter. It's like what I wrote in the last post, how a promising story can all just be awful by the ending and this in the end made me more critical. Like in the end how I found Julianne Moore's character to be rather useless. They have very interesting cast and one of them was the guy who played Peter Russo in House of Cards which I just started watching. I don't know the actor's name, but when I saw him, I was like oh Peter Russo is in this movie :P and then there's also Michelle Dockery and I was thinking how rather weird it was to see Lady Mary in a modern world :P Liam Neeson was of course cool and awesome. Seriously he's like getting cooler and more awesome as he gets older. I'm sure like me, there are many other who's having more love for Liam Neeson :D

Another movie that I managed to watch this week was Philomena. Yes, I am trying to watch all the movies nominated for best picture in this year's Oscar. I don't think I'll get to watch Nebraska before the award show so 8 out of 9, not bad. I love Philomena though I have to say that the ending (again with the ending!) was quite harsh to God believers. I'm not a Catholic, but I thought all the scolding from Steve Coogan's character to the nuns was unnecessary, too rude, too harsh. I still love him in this movie though and I think Judi Dench was amazing. It's quite a tragic story but I love it and Philomena is so lovable.

So this post is pretty much about movies that I watched this week. Man! I watched a lot of things and this doesn't even include all the tv shows that I managed to watch as well (yay to April and Jackson in Grey's Anatomy, so happy for them). 2 Tom Hanks' movies today and I like both of them :) As for best picture Oscar, I don't have any strong like to any of the ones that I watched, so it's rather hard to choose. Perhaps the one I love the most is Philomena but if I have to choose between the strong contender of Gravity and 12 Years a Slave, I'll choose Gravity. This has been an uninteresting post as usual? Well I hope you guys have better story than me :D Stay hydrated people!

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