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Everything is awesome. No, not really. Not that anything bad has happened, but the always pessimistic me can't just go around and say or sing, everything is awesome ♫ It's just I just watched The Lego Movie today and the song earwormed its way into my head so I was like the boy who broke into that tune after we got out the cinema, me in my head, him pretty loudly. Talking about a boy, I just can't help complaining about kids in a cinema, aarrrghhhh!!! I happened to sit next to a young girl, perhaps 9 years old and in my row there's a toddler girl who's perhaps between 3 to 5. Both are Asians. The toddler couldn't shut up and she's not even sitting, she's standing around. I would have been so pissed if I had sit in front of her and her parents did nothing! The girl next to me did make some noise at the beginning, then she got bored and she put her legs up to the seat in front of her, then she played with her chair that I think a few times she's blocking the person behind her and her mom said nothing! I hate all these parents. By the way, I think people who put their legs up into the seats in front of them are so disrespectful! Regardless of if there's a person in front of them. Hello are your shoes and sandals clean? Seriously, when I see adults doing this, my blood boils :@ So basically the watching of the movie experience wasn't great. I also felt the volume was a bit low, I wonder if they purposely did that so that the young kids don't get too shocked. With all these kids losing their interest and attention in watching a cartoon, I wonder at what age kids can really be trusted to behave in watching a movie. Also if there's any formula in movie making to make sure kids will really be interested until the end. Unless it's expected that kids should be rowdy when watching cartoons. I'd like to think my kids would be different, that I will teach them to respect the cinema as I do :P but I don't know, maybe my kids will be worse. Please not God.

So anyways, I thought the movie was great. I kinda figured out certain things before it happened and these things always made me feel good. I just checked, Liam Neeson also voiced the good cop. That's rather unbelievable. By the way, Liam Neeson has gotten so cool that just listening to his voice made you feel comforted :P Allison Brie whom I know from Community voiced the pony like character and that character is kinda the same as her Community character. In my mind that's what Allison Brie is, so it's kinda hard when I see her in Mad Men :P Anyways, the story was interesting, the lego is interesting, and to be able to have massive creativity to be master builders must be so cool. They set it really nicely for a possible sequel. So I think it's been quite a smart movie.

Onward with life. I have to say that my mental state hasn't been bad since I came back from Jakarta. In fact, this week I got a bit of ... let's say I got my first lego piece which is needed to build something. However then I got freaked out which is totally unexpected. I thought I would be all fine, but it's reaching a point that I question everything and if I should back out. I thought about it and in my head the answer is obvious, but somehow my heart or mentally in my mind, it's all pretty hazy. I wonder if I should be doing this, but yeah logically the other option is just too dumb to be considered. I mean the only way I would consider the other option would be because I chicken out and that would be silly. For you who are fluent in Harry Potter lingo, there's this potion called Felix Felicis. It's like a good luck potion. Harry Potter pretended to give it to Ron Weasley before his first quidditch game and since he thought it was real, Ron developed a confidence, basically blind faith that all would be well, and so he did well in the game. It is said that the dog people, which is me, will have a very good year in this year of the horse. So I guess in a way, that false confidence is kinda comforting me right now. I mean like I said, my mental state hasn't been bad and if I compared it to how I was months ago, that's a huge difference. I don't hate my life so much right now and things don't seem to be so bad now, like they get lighter. So perhaps if I just keep this blind faith, I should just rise above whatever fear I have now and think that everything will be awesome as it's destined to be for me now.

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