Movie of this week was Real Steel. To be honest, I wasn't interested in watching anything because I thought there's no good movie at the cinema right now. However YeeMaggio asked me if I want to watch anything and we settled with Real Steel. It appeared to me as a kiddy movie but I thought it would be a better choice than all the chick flicks around. Real Steel turned out to be such a delight.

I'm not really sure what makes this movie pretty good. It think it was the execution. The story was not incredibly wonderful or anything. To a certain extend it's rather expected, except for the ending perhaps. The ending kinda disappointed me but I guess if it had been a happy one, it would have been too predictable. The robots were interesting and the main robot, Atom, was really a real star. You just gotta like him. I really wonder how they did the robots scenes. Did they make actual robots? That would be too expensive. Another star of the movie is the little boy. He's so cute, adorable, and loveable. His eyes really could melt you away. As for Hugh Jackman, well I'm never really a fan of him because I am not one who likes bulky guys :P However I kinda like him a bit in this movie. He's less bulky and when traces of his daddy side appeared, he is rather charming. I wasn't totally taken by him though because his character was pretty much a jerk. I couldn't believe his character was willing to sell his kid without putting much though into it. Then there's Evangeline Lilly who was looking pretty, without freckles this time around :P One thing to note, it seemed Hugh Jackman is pretty tall. Either that, or Evangeline Lilly is not as tall as she appeared to be. So anyway I like the movie, I like that feeling of going in with so little expectation and to come out of it pleasantly satisfied :)

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