Off to Rawa Kepa

Hi peeps. Not gonna write much. Actually, I shouldn't be writing at all. Gonna go home tomorrow but only for a few days. Will be back here in Singapore on Tuesday. This trip is gonna be physically heavy, I think. I'm already feeling quite tired and of no energy today, which I want to blame on the combination of drugs I took last night since I was having a bit of a flu :( Tomorrow, I still have Saturday engagement, which I don't know how I'm gonna deal with it since my brain is pretty empty right now. After which, I have to rush back and get to the airport and get on the plane. Sunday morning, I will be flying out of Jakarta. Mom said it would be at 6 am, which I don't know if it's 6 from the house or 6 the plane gonna take off. If it's 6 the plane gonna take off, I'm so gonna die having to wake up early and leave the house at 4 am something, aarrrgghh! Mom also said around 6 pm, I should be back in Jakarta. I hope I have enough energy because if not I'm gonna get so cranky :( With the so little time I have, I don't think I will be meeting any friends back home. It's okay for me. What I'm looking forward the most is to eat! Take care loves!

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