Julie and Julia

Hello peeps. I'm pretty tired right now. Woke up at the time in which I should wake up this morning but I felt rather annoyed because I thought I was late but it turns out my bleary eyed betrayed me. I read the time wrongly :( It turned out I wasn't that late, I could actually still afford another 10 minutes or so lying down in my bed *sigh*

Went to watch Julie and Julia yesterday. I like it, I thought it was nice. The food was pretty glorious. Maybe I was just hungry at that time :P Meryl Streep spoke in this weird pitch and accent that got me annoyed sometime but she is really an amazing actress, brilliant! Amy Adams is of course the princess in Enchanted but really there's nothing princess-y about her look in this movie. In fact she looks really really ordinary, like some normal girl, like one of us :P I love the husbands in this movie, they were really nice, though I have to say Julia Child's husband was better than Julie Powell's husband, but maybe Julie Powell and her husband were still young, so they haven't grown up together long enough. Totally recommending this movie to you. The food and the cooking were great, kinda made me want to try to cook as well :P

On other news, did something yesterday which if I have to explain, it's like setting my red balloon of hope into the sky. The chances of it coming back to me are almost non existence. So if it comes back to me, if it belongs to me, it truly is God's miracle. Perhaps I should be more excited about it, more fervor in my prayers to God but I found myself not praying much actually. Have I given up even before I start? It's just it feels so out of my reach. I don't feel like hoping for it because the way I see it, there's not the slightest chance that it's gonna happen for me. However miracles do happen, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. I had done that one step. Now I need to wait for God to let me know what He thinks. If he doesn't think it's for me, then I have to keep the faith that He means other better thing for me.

Speaking of God, read a CNN article today with the title, Atheist ads to adorn New York subway stations. My God!!! We are supposed to be tolerant of people with different belief and from different religions. Somehow though, I can't seem to be tolerant of people who say they don't believe in God or in any other bigger power :( I may sound like an evangelistical christian here, which I am so not. If I am, I would go to my cell group (which I don't have) and ask them to pray for the atheists in the world :P Anyway, I just feel sad that these people feel the need to persuade other people into believing God doesn't exist. But I suppose many christians out there also try to get non-believers into their church everyday. Still, as I said, I feel less tolerant of the atheist. For me, if I didn't believe in God, my life would be more depressing, meaningless, and empty than what I feel right now.

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