"The Time Has Come to Set Aside Childish Things"

Do you know where the title of the post comes from? I'll tell you soon.

Anyway, so home is tomorrow. My whole being feels like running out of this body however I still have to go through some things (tough things) first before home. I think tomorrow morning is gonna be hectic. I just hope that everything will just go smoothly and no bad news being dropped on me. So the time window for me to reach the airport tomorrow is quite tight but the flight was re-scheduled to 45 mins later which makes me quite relieved. I hope with the extra time, I am really able to get all my things and finish whatever things that I need to finish correctly and well.

Okay, so the title, where is it from? Well, if you don't know, it's from Barack Obama's inaugural speech. I did stay up last night or this morning to be exact to watch the inauguration ceremony which was actually quite fast. I have to say I was very sleepy that somehow I wasn't really captivated with the speech, or perhaps it wasn't an amazingly great speech to begin with? There were debates whether this speech was a great one. Anyways, the line above was the line that stayed in my head. On a personal level, I should really do as the line says but I have to say I am still dodging my life responsibility *sigh* Okay, I'm going home, maybe I will get more perspective at home. At least, I know I will be comforted there. It's detox time!

Allora, arrivederci tutti. Happy Chinese New Year. Take care

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