Free Saturday - Episode 04

Hello peeps. Honestly without having to be anywhere on Saturdays, I kinda have lost the free liberating feel to it. Now I am just left with the emptiness to fill my time with and believe it or not, it's kinda depressing. I know, I am pathetic, aren't I?

Don't get me wrong. There are aspects of it that I like. For example, without having to be anywhere, I can actually afford to sleep until whenever I like. However, really without the obligation, I am kinda unable to be disciplined to go through with my own plan that like today I ended up waking up late because I was ignoring the alarm and in the end I wasn't able to get my flu vaccine because the doctor was already full. Aaaarrrgghhh ... Actually the part of not waking up early is the only thing that I like about not having classes on Saturdays. I still think if I use the free time for movies or meeting friends, they are still not a really good use of time. Gascoigne said it's a matter of whom you spent your time with but for me (maybe I am a real geek), one should really use the time to do something useful and somehow for me it's about having more things in my brain. I really need to plan out something, if not, I am really just gonna waste my life more.

Anyway, so today was like the previous free Saturdays. The movie that I watched was Changeling. I was really ambivalent about whether or not I should watch the movie because I wanted something light and the movie just seemed heavy. In the end, I decided to go ahead with it, simply because of the many good praises about the movie, the director, Clint Eastwood, and also of course, Angelina Jolie. It turned out to be quite a nice watch. Instead of heavy, I would use emotional to describe the movie. It is really an emotional movie that I did tear a bit here and there. I thought Angelina Jolie was good, but I don't think she was exceptionally extraordinary to warrant her an award in all the awards thingy. But I haven't seen the other movies where her competitors come from. I was actually more drawn to people like John Malkovich, whom I found to be really a person with such a commanding presence, a real strong personality. I guess in any movie, I am always drawn to this kind of character. I really think he is awesome and cool. Then I still like Jeffrey Donovan, though he played one of the bad guy. After an IMDB search, I finally realized why he's so familiar (Burn Notice) :P Overall, it's quite a good watch. It's not boring at all. The pace was good. The actors and actresses acted really well and because of the nature of the story, I am sure if you watch it, you will also sympathize to the victims.

Home is in 5 days. I am half packed. Should finalize all the other things that I want to take tomorrow, but I can be so undisciplined so maybe I will end up lazing tomorrow. However I don't really have much time left.

I can't tell you how much I am so looking forward to going home. On the bus today, I was thinking that it's like I am so ready to leave this body that I use here in Singapore and just be released to be who I am, to be not so high-strung like now. I am quite in a paranoia mode actually because I keep on thinking of things that can go wrong in my remaining days here and I just can only hope that please God, please, let me leave in peace. Please God let nothing be wrong! I am so in this paranoia state that my depressing thoughts (thinking of the fact that I have to come back to Singapore) that normally comes when I am going home hasn't come yet. It normally comes when I'm going home but now it hasn't made an appearance. I guess because I still have this mountain of worry to face first. Am I not making any sense to all of you? Yes I know, I am pathetically weird.

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