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Today is Singapore's National Day. I didn't set the alarm clock last night (Well I did actually, to 10 AM) but the point is I got to sleep in. I couldn't remember when was the last time I did it (I still have to wake up early on Saturdays and I do the same thing on Sundays). I decided to first open my eyes at 08:43 am, then I slept in again and finally get my lazy bum up at around 09:53 am. Not bad, at least I didn't exceed 10 am. I do think after 10 is a bit too lazy.

So far the day has been spent with 2 movies and junk food. Watched Boys Don't Cry. Vivy got the dvd on her recent trip to the city with the biggest Chinatown in the world as well as the one with the largest gay community (I found out about this from Vivy, I wonder if the Mr had mentioned this before). Go get yourself some knowledge and found out what city this is (and you can find out where the Mr is staying). Anyways, Boys Don't Cry was kinda disturbing for me. I think because it is based on a real story. It's kinda weird and felt so wrong for me that there are people who can spend their lives getting wasted (drink and be drunk) and doing nothing important and ended up taking hostility and cursing as something normal. Why do people get into this kinda situation? I know it's happening not in America alone but in many places all over the world. Oh, I should say that it's easier to watch girls kiss each other rather than a guy kisses another guy. Anyone wanna give me an idea of why is it so? Other part of the movie which kinda felt a bit weird for me is the very blunt sex scenes (to think that at this age I should be normal with it). Should you watch it? Well, if you want to. Hillary Swank did a good job but at the end of the story, I didn't cry. Did I sympathize with her character, well...I do think that the ending is too tragic, but I can't say that I relate that much with her character's tragic end. I just didn't cry. Considering what had happened, I think I should but I didn't. Is it informative? Well, I guess you should go and watch it for the sake that this movie did get good reviews and Hillary Swank got an Oscar for her role in this movie.

The other movie that I watched is an Indonesian movie, Ungu Violet. Being here, as Vivy said, we are deprived of the latest happening in Indonesia, such as movies and music. Seriously, the Singaporean Ms. Kiera knows more about Indonesian music than me! Ungu Violet was starred by the beautiful Dian Sastrowardoyo, whom I feel was not that skinny in this movie. I wanted to say again, like I said about the movie Tentang Dia in my last post that the movie is so Indonesian. What do I mean with that? Well, the story involves someone who is terminally ill and a serious accident When the accident happened, I was shouting "Seriously?!? Seriously?!?". I thought the ending was gonna be typical but the twist (which I thought was very unlikely) did happen and for me it kinda salvaged the movie. I must admit that I did drop 1 tear (only 1, left and right eye combined) because there was some moving scene in this movie (though I can't really remember which one now). The movie showed views from the rooftop of the male character's building and it showed the mall that I often go to, Taman Anggrek, and of course that reminded me of home a lot. Talked to mom last night and just now she sent me an sms. I need to figure out where I can go. Can I just scream "aaaarrrrrrrggghhhh"?

So today, basically I do nothing. It does trouble me if you ask me. You know, I have been wasting more than half a day doing nothing. Half a day of my life doing nothing! It's freaking pathetic. I did bring this to myself, since someone did offer me lunch and I declined (if you haven't guessed it, it's because I'm anti social). Received an unexpected email today and I can not help feeling that my personal live has been intruded which make me feel doubtful in writing what I thought I would write today, which is ...

Wrote it, posted it and when I read it back, I'm just not sure about it. So I removed it. If you managed to read it, lucky you, and hush!

Okay, I am done now, back to here ... By the way, the title is a quote from here.

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