The Lake House

Finally had the chance to watch The Lake House with Vivy today and how I love it, though if I have to analyze it objectively I may say that its content was not that strong but I love it! Maybe it's Keanu Reeves, maybe it's his character who was so nice and lovable or perhaps my stupid romantic side. I wrote stupid because I also have this part of me who is very skeptical about love. Anyways, I think Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are so compatible. It's so good to see them together, too bad it's not so in the real world. Shed a few tears during the movie, because it's so sweet. Come on, during the line "Take a walk with me" ... Geez, that's just so sweet and nice. I knew it was a happy ending because of a picture in its website and also because of what people had told me. The ending could be more touchy, I feel. However it went on to be just okay for me, that at the ending I wasn't teary eyes. Still, I just love it so much and really want to watch it again. I think it's most probably because it's Keanu Reeves. A really nice guy in Keanu's body? Who can resist it?

This week was worse than last week in many ways. It was tougher for sure, but amazingly I managed to get through it better than I expected but still it has not been a good week. So many things happened and relationships are getting worse, in which in some parts I feel sad but oh well I have chosen to be angry and pissed and unhappy. To be written off as being young with lotsa ego (basically a selfish spoilt brat) was freaking unfair. Tell me why should I care in the first place when obviously none really cares or appreciates me in a fair way. I'm wearing my precious linkin park t-shirt to comfort me (there's always comfort in Linkin Park). Reading it back, I feel I was rather too nice on Friday. Things have really gone worse in so many different areas. Had a talk with Vivy today in one of the areas and had an sms talk with Dewi yesterday about the same topic. It didn't really help much because my mind is still clouded. What have I done? I do what I think is best for my feeling and as much as I feel rather sad, I still think I should not make myself hurt more later on. Dewi understood the "why" and agreed with some of my points so I think I'm not that wrong.

Felis helped me with my Saturdays engagement. I feel really bad that I only look for her every two and a half month when I need help. I'm pretty happy that I'm still on 09:30 though it starts getting its toll on me. I really do speak really fast and it's frustrating if I can not find the words to match the speed of the sentences that I want to let out. I also realize how I love words. They are really huge parts of me because I can feel sentences keep on forming in my head eventhough I am all alone and not saying them to anyone. I just wish I can speak and write better.

I think I've actually had a lot to say but somehow I kinda forget all the things that I want to say. Watched Tentang Dia yesterday and I think the story was so Indonesian. So Indonesian! The story was the kind of short story that you can find in Indonesian teen magazines. Had merry-mint in Swensens today. Seriously not a fan of mint ice cream but I truly enjoyed it the last time I went to Swensens hence the choice to eat it again today. Okay, hope everything will be okay this coming week. No earthquake, no tsunami. Everyone deserves a good break.

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