Episode 2

Hhmm...I'm trying to be somewhat diplomatically correct in choosing the title and writing this post. Simply because people actually read this and ... well ... I don't know what people might think and feel after reading this Sounds so serious! Anyway, writing about this is like opening a huge part of me That last sentence is so funny, because I have shouted this thing that I'm going to write to at least 2 people So, episode 2 [this only means something to certain people, for those who don't understand just try to figure out, you will know what I'm talking about], yeah, kinda a bummer for me, though I was laughing initially. I would like to say to all the people who doubted my senses, read the last 3 sentences of this. But you know, no regret because as told here, this was actually healthy for me and as written in the last paragraph of this, maybe God wants it to be just like that, to make me happy in times of trouble. I was happy then and even now I can still see it as funny and that is good and as Ayu has pointed out the ending could be worse So it's all good, baby

Would like to say thanks to the 2 married guys + wives + baby for all the silliness that they put me into. You people are nuts (me included)!!! I have to admit it was fun. Too bad no more things to stir our emotion as much as this Must say thank you also for their "sincere" concern for me to get that little bit of happiness for me, though I partly still think they might just want drama on my expense Anyway, the drama only last 2 episodes, but I guess it's all resolved now. It is really ending a certain period in my life

Hhmm....might be meeting some nice people tomorrow. I'm kinda so touched and overwhelmed with their kindness. I don't understand why they are being that nice, they don't have to. I guess, it's just God telling me that He is looking after me. Okay, bubye for now. Take care you all!!!

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