I went to watch Spanglish yesterday despite of being tired and despite knowing that I would be more tired when I went home. But I needed the entertainment. I know that the movie will be more of a drama rather than a comedy despite of Adam Sandler being there. It turns out the story was quite interesting. The ending was somewhat open but I guess that's just what happens in situation like that. Was it funny? Hmm...There was an amusing part when Flor (the Spanish woman) wanted to scold Adam Sandler and she had to use her daughter as the translator. Adam Sandler's wife was kinda a freak but when I saw her crying so much towards the end of the movie, I kinda could relate to her and had sympathy on her. Only huge things can make you cry like crazy and at times like that, you need comfort more than anything else. Adam Sandler is actually not bad in this movie, so believable as a good dad and person. I think that's how he is in real life actually. The story is I guess about people, about wanting to do the best for people we love, and the basic of all, about wanting to be happy, don't we all by the way?

How are you doing Eka? I am doing alright, I guess. HaH! No I'm not actually but we must pretend, right? Maybe by pretending to be alright, we will eventually be alright. Trying to hang in there. Some minutes ago, a realization came to me, of being okay about not seeing my crush again, HaHa It's okay. I think he has done his purpose of making me smile. I will be alright. Even if I'm not, a day will change to another and guess what, I think I would still be around the next day

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