Throwback to Last Tuesday

So last Tuesday was my birthday. Turned 35, gosh :( It wasn't a great one. I started the morning wanting to do something and that failed miserably. I was thinking that at 35, the present God gave me was dealing with setbacks. I'm never good with this and I think He will always test me again and again in the future. So that was a downer and I was feeling very moody for the rest of the day. After that bad morning, I went to the temple to pray and then I went to Gardens by the Bay. It's having a Cherry Blossom display in its Flower Dome. I wonder why they didn't put some at the Cloud Forest Dome too. Maybe they did, I don't know, I didn't go there. You know right now I am more curious to see Gardens by the Bay's nursery. I wonder how they cultivate plants that don't normally grow in the tropics like the cherry blossoms. I want to see how it's done. Unfortunately they don't have tour for the public for this. I'm not even sure if it's in the compound or somewhere else.

The last time I was there was July last year. Some parts of the Flower Dome of course never change, so I kinda like it when I find something different in these parts. I found sections where they have these little statues of characters from fairy tale. The characters were in vintage style. There were Alice and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and there are those that I didn't recognize, like there's a boy, perhaps it's vintage Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh. It wasn't that far from this vintage Winnie the Pooh and Piglet that looks just so adorable. Vintage Winnie the Pooh is just the best.

Anyways, my only experience with Cherry Blossom was in Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the time I was there, the ones blooming the most are the Kwanzan Cherry trees. I actually love their crowded petals and pink colors. In Japan though, it seems they prefer the simplistic kind, white and with 5 petals. I can't remember what the blooming kind that I saw in the Flower Dome that day were. I was down remember, so I didn't really pay much attention. I don't know if there's any Yoshino cherry tree which is the favorite kind in Japan. Anyway, the trees there have mostly white flowers and some of them were weeping trees which were really nice looking. It was rather overcast that day and I was really lacking in energy that I don't think I did a good job in taking their pictures. I tried, but I am still rather disappointed with the results.

After that I went to the mall. Got myself sneaker and then I watched Manchester by the Sea. It's quite a sad movie because the main character played by Casey Affleck was so conflicted. I have a soft spot for these kind of conflicted sad characters, I think because I relate to the sadness and loneliness. I like movies like Manchester by the Sea. It may not be a box office, but I like the stories they tell, different, and it's special because these days we're just being bombed by repeated stories with different variations of special effect, explosions, and such. I also like Moonlight which I think is well deserving of the best picture award at this year's Oscar. Though it has quite a heavy and sad story compared to La La Land, I just feel it more. Again maybe it's all because of the sadness and isolation. Anyways, that's it peeps. Hope you guys have great stories of your own.

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