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Hello peeps. So last week I was in Hong Kong for a few days up towards the weekend. Not for fun so it wasn't well ... fun. The days felt really long which is unexpected because weekend usually just flies by without me realizing it. It's like we never have enough weekend. So last week in Hong Kong, I wasn't looking forward for it because I was alone and I had to be with strangers. The introvert me doesn't like being in a forced social situation. My mom would be the first to tell me like she always does, to change, to be more social and such. Recently I also had someone tell me that I can change and be more social. However, I have reached the point where I embrace that I am an introvert and see nothing wrong with it. We're quite a fine specimen ourselves the way we are and so I get really annoyed when people tell me that I can and should change, ay.

Anyway, I don't know if it's a good thing, it didn't feel all right, I met some people that are connected to me. I didn't know them except for one that I somewhat know, she was in my past like 15 years ago. So I kinda latched myself to them. It wasn't a good thing to do, but since the group seemed to be sticking together themselves, I thought I might as well follow suit. So at some parts it wasn't all bad and I do feel thankful that God gave me people to hang around with. Truly it was really not fun for me that I was really glad when I finished the first day and be back in my room. It's silly but I do really like staying in hotel rooms. I think as long as they're not totally dingy, I will like it. By the time I finished what I had to do, I was just so happy to leave. I didn't get much time to explore Hong Kong, but I guess it's alright. This is not about fun. The bad thing with the anxiety is that it made for a travel experience that's not all good. I also got quite sentimental because some things made me remember of my trip there 7 years ago with Dewi. I took Cathay again for this trip, the same as when I traveled with Dewi. When they gave us ice cream, I remembered of how Dewi asked for another one from the the stewardess and things like that in light of the not fun purpose of the trip did get me quite melancholic.

There is a good part about the trip. The best part was getting to visit my uncle and aunt. This is the one thing I was quite excited about. For one, I am curious to see how public housing in Hong Kong like as compared to Singapore. It was really eye opening. My uncle's flat was really small. It's a 2-bedroom apartment, the same kind of flat I live in right now here in Singapore. It's just my uncle's flat is really really small, like perhaps only half the size of the flat I live in right now. I was very shocked. I don't know much about this uncle and aunt. I don't speak Chinese or Bangkanese and their Indonesian is not as good. The last time I saw them was my trip 7 years ago and this is the first time I got to know more about them. I met my uncle's wife who's really nice but only speaks Chinese. So unfortunately I can't speak much to her. It's a pity because she's so friendly and nice. She gave me a lot of biscuits, I guess because she felt bad that she couldn't really gave me anything. One of the weirdest and unexpected thing about talking to my uncle is feeling a lot like talking to my father. It's remarkable how genes work, why does it feel like they have similar traits. The feeling was all too familiar. Even when my uncle talked to his wife, there's part of it that reminded me of how my dad talks to my mom. A strange strange feeling.

Then we went to my aunt's house, different floor same building. My aunt's flat is bigger, but overall it's not very big. 31st floor, it's very high which makes me nervous for them if they have to evacuate due to earthquake or fire. Same for my uncle at the 18th floor. My aunt's flat has a nice view though, one can see the mountain. It's the good thing about Hong Kong, you can see mountains or hills to be more precise perhaps all around. Anyway, I got to see my aunt's husband and one of their son. I learn so much more about their lives though perhaps I misunderstood some things because they're lost in translation. It is a shame though that I couldn't see all my cousins and learn more about them. I stayed for dinner and when I left and my aunt gave me a hug, I was almost got teary eyed. I didn't expect that, but I managed to catch myself and kept my composure and luckily didn't go all dramatic :P

I had a great time with my uncle and aunt and I love how they are so nice even though I don't see them for years. It was a great family moment meeting them. It was really enlightening seeing how they live. I thought I will write about some of my thoughts meeting them here, but then I decided not to. I guess because it's really personal and I don't know how it will be perceived. I guess I will have to write it pen and paper in my diary. I have been so lazy to write, even in my diary and I know I should be more disciplined about it. It's just I've been feeling like I don't have enough time to laze around so I have been using all my free time to just be lazy. The truth is perhaps I can use more of my free time to do more useful things and I'm just making excuses as lazy people wont to do. Anyway I'm also not gonna write about what's been going on with life. This being Sunday evening, having to talk about it would make it more depressing. Here are 2 pictures of Hong Kong. I don't have many pictures because I really didn't have the time to take them. I particularly like the second picture here, love how the colours came out.

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