The Tale of Lady Rose and Robb Stark

For those who watch Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, they will know that the title of this post will lead to the movie Cinderella, which I watched today. The actress who played Lady Rose in Downton Abbey played Cinderella and I always find her to be really beautiful, so I think she's just perfect to play Cinderella. The Robb Stark of Game of Thrones played Prince Charming. When I was watching the trailer, I thought he didn't look as good being clean shaven, but then it kinda grew me in this movie, his beautiful stunning eyes helped and he does have a gorgeous smile. It was surprising for me to see Downton Abbey's Daisy in the movie too. The actress played one of the step sisters who obviously doesn't have a very good character, but it's good seeing her all fancy and dolled up albeit distastefully as compared to her plain look as a cook's assistant in Downton Abbey. There's also another actor who was in Game of Thrones playing the captain by the side of Prince Charming, so for me it's kinda really a union of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones :P The movie itself follows exactly what the fairy tale is about, so there's no twist, no new reinterpretation, and it's alright for me. I kinda enjoyed it a lot :)

So I turn 33 today, didn't feel any change whatsoever, except perhaps for my cough. Finally saw a doctor on Thursday and finally I can feel that her meds help. My mom was like, I told you so, when I told her I finally went to see the doctor because she's been telling me that since last week. My last few days of being 32 were not so good suffering this cough, but then I thought as long as all these bad things would make a good 33, then I'll take it. I'm still not doing so good and I so desperately want to eat some junk food, some fried chicken, and ice cream, but I couldn't. I did do something bad today by having an avocado milkshake. The good thing about my family is, we celebrate our chinese birthday, even more than our actual birthday when no one really cares. So on my chinese birthday come April, I am envisioning a pint of ice cream. Hope it'll happen.

So anyway, nothing special today. No class because sensei went to Japan. I have some kanji homework though and I really need to get it done and memorized. Darn, there's a lot of them :( Went to the temple to pray and saw that the temple starts to monetize themself, first with the souvenirs counter which I didn't mind at all, I even hope they'll sell more substantial stuff, but when I saw the wishing well, I was just like noooo!!! So it turns out, there used to be a well in the temple in its early days and devotees would drink the water for blessing and good luck. Now there's no more well, so they just made one up, it's not even an actual well, it has water flowing from a pipe. People can ring the bell, make a wish, and throw a coin. Yes, it's degrading, I don't know why and how on earth the board of this temple could agree to this. However as I read the explanation and see people doing it, I was like of course I should do it too and yes I do feel embarrassed with how weak I am in my principle. Fortunately I only found 5 cents in my wallet, so in the end I didn't do it. I hope this "well" wouldn't stay. Anyways, so after that I went to watch Cinderella. Gonna eat my one slice of cake soon and start watching season 3 of House of Cards. Yeah, that's pretty much how I start being 33. God gives me this chance to reach today, may He helps me to do well in whatever plan He has for me.

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