Hazed & Confused

Hi guys, how are you doing? I haven't been doing well these past weeks. More like a mental issue than physical though physically my body is also rather weird these days. The title comes from a Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I just ate 1 pint of Hazed and Confused Core. Is it wise to do so? I would say no. Ingesting that much sugar in one go doesn't seem to be a good idea. I'm having a bit of a headache now. Anyways I rationalize it by telling myself that I have been thinking about it for some time and I have been in a sad stressed mood for some time now. Along with that bad decision, today I also bought so many sugary things, this is despite of me having some worry that I may have started to have diabetes :'( I don't want to face this if it's true and so I have been avoiding taking a medical check :( All in all, despite of me feeling this bad, it can't be compared to one of my uncles who's really sick right now. It's really worrying that I went to the temple after class today to say a prayer for him. I really really hope the worst will not happen to him, that the doctor will have a good plan and can execute it, and he'll get through this.

On other mundane news. Because of class, I haven't been going to the cinema, but some weeks ago, I managed to drag myself to watch The Maze Runner. I like the maze mystery theme, but didn't like the ending when the survivors just simply exited out into the modern world. Watching it, I was thinking of how some of the boys whom we watched when they're just little boys, like Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Will Poulter, have grown to be young men and I really felt old because of this. Similarly, I always feel that way whenever I see Freddie Highmore.

On books, I finished reading Le Petit Nicolas by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé. It's actually a really thin book and yet I took quite a long time. I really enjoyed it. Was looking for another french book, but I couldn't find anything that I fancy when I went to Kinokuniya. I wanted to buy something by a french writer rather than translated works, but I don't know which writer is a good one and I realized something about me, I don't fancy straightforward love story or perhaps any love story for that matter. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am perpetually single :( So anyway, right now I am reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Didn't know what book I should read next, so I just bought this simply because it won the Pulitzer Prize this year. I'm kinda confident that I can finish this before the year ends and so that would make me complete 8 books this year. I also bought Moby-Dick by Herman Melville to fulfill that goal of reading more classic works, but I don't know if I can finish it by this year. So far I found that The Goldfinch to be not that fluid for me, so I am moving quite slowly. I haven't progressed much so I don't know if I like it.

Watching the Asian Games closing ceremony now because I want to watch the Indonesian part of the performance, since Jakarta will be hosting the next Asian Games. I don't know how the committee came up with that decision, since Jakarta is chaotic. We have an ambitious governor but he has like only 3 years left and while I have seen many comments of people supporting his tough stance, there are racists extremists who's ever so ready to make sure he's having a hard time, for example by staging a violent protest. I think there are many Indonesians who don't understand what being racist means. Even if they do, I think many think it's alright to discriminate and any attempt to teach it's not so will be deemed as imported value that does not necessarily fit with what our country is all about :( The state of Indonesian politics right now is really really bad. While people in Hong Kong are staging protest because they have to accept what I call as a filtered (or perhaps censored) democracy, in Indonesia recently our rights to vote officials like for the governor post have been snatched away from us. The parliament will choose for us, so we can kiss goodbye to all the good people who perhaps want to run but didn't want to go through the corrupt parties and all the drama. When the law was passed, all I could think of was how "jahat" (= bad, mean) the people in the parliament are. They shamelessly do all this for the sake of their own power and position and for spite, not for the good of the people. Our current sitting president is also such an ass that I felt quite sad that I voted for him for his second term. He's saying that he's sad about this law but people from his party in the parliament walked out during the vote and the good people lost the vote. Well they may have lost anyway even with the people who walked out voting against the bill, but if they had given their support earlier and be more outspoken about how bad the bill was, perhaps we wouldn't have been in this grave situation. I'm still holding for hope that the righteous people will be successful in repelling this law.

Alright I don't have anything else to share. Hope your life is great. Ciao!

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