Worm in Fruit

Hi guys, how are you doing? Today is a public holiday, so there's no Japanese class *yay!* I've been looking forward for this weekend and yet I am struck down with flu. Survived the last 2 days in quite the agony. Yesterday I felt cold most of the time and my temperature was kinda rising up and down. Today I'm feeling much better, the nose is not so blocked and there seems to be no sign of blood tinted mucus anymore. Though it's not as perfect as I have wanted it, I am still quite glad about the fact that it's a holiday today because I got to get up late and I think it's very helpful because I needed the rest.

My parents have come back from their holiday, so that's good. However this week has not been swell and next week is looking as bleak as well. Found little white worm in the dragon fruit that I bought (hence the title). Not sure if I ate any of them. It's perhaps not a crisis but then when you had a not so good day and you experienced that and you're alone, no one to talk to about it and to get advice and assurance from, wondering if it's not a big deal, if you're gonna be okay, or if you should take some medicine, all and all you just got really really depressed. As what modern human would do, I went to google. It seems it's not a big deal because the acid in the stomach would just kill the worms and many wrote that the fact that there's worm in the fruit should make you feel better because that means there's no chemical in the fruit. Still, I'm kinda traumatized. Not sure if I would buy that fruit again. It was just gross.

Managed to watch 2 movies this week and they're the super heroes action kind which contradict what I wrote before that I'm pretty much done with this kinda movie. Well, I have my reason. The first one was Guardians of the Galaxy which I wanted to watch because of Chris Pratt. I first saw him in Everwood and recently I've been watching Parks and Recreation where his dumb character Andy Dwyer would frustrate me a lot if I have to deal with him and yet I have to admit Andy is very lovable. I have to say that Chris Pratt is quite an underrated actor. He has actually been in many good movies like Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty and he also voiced the main character in The Lego Movie and yet he's not what one would consider to be a super star. Anyway I think Guardians of the Galaxy is so so. It's a good think that it's not awful but I don't think it's remarkably amazing like what the reviews have been saying. I love the songs from the mix tapes though, I thought they were fun. Will I watch the sequel? Well maybe I'll wait for it to be shown on tv. I have to say that baby Groot in a pot is super cute, that merchandise would definitely sell well out there, but I haven't seen any.

Another movie I watched was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Chose this because of sentimental reason. Watched the cartoon series when I was young. One of my childhood memory was when mom woke me up in the middle of my nap to go to the market and she let me buy toys and when I had to choose one for my brother I settled on Michelangelo for him. Not sure why perhaps because he's the most fun. It was a good memory. Anyway Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wasn't bad though it wasn't amazingly good as well. I appreciate the shorter running time because if I had to sit through things blowing up for 2 hours plus, I'd be just annoyed. The Shredder character with the new armour looks Transfomer like so you know there's nothing new to be offered in this movie. Strangely I didn't find the turtles to be so lovable. One of the villain from the cartoon series that I watched when I was young was this brain floating in a jar and I was actually looking forward to see this, but it's not in the movie. Well that's about it peeps. Hope you are well and your days are glorious :)

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